5 Reasons the Xbox 360 Controller Rocks!

Love it or hate it, Fuchal at takes a look at what makes the Xbox 360's controller so appealing...

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Capt CHAOS4598d ago

The keypad add-on is pretty cool too!

Capt CHAOS4598d ago

Might be PS3 fan boys just jealous of lacking rumble.

plenty a tool4598d ago

and i've used a few over the years. just a shame the d-pad isn't of the same quality as the rest of the pad. i just hope microsoft do a sony, and use this pad now for every generation of xbox....imo it's gonna take some beating the 360 pad.

Gam714598d ago

They should as it means the pc FINALLY has a standard controller.

It works so well on my pc.

Sexius Maximus4598d ago

because it's really all about what you're use to and prefer. I own all three systems, and the 360 controller just fits my hands best. I even keep rumble turned off...I just like the way it feels better, regardless of rumble.

BattleAxe4598d ago (Edited 4598d ago )

@ Capt Chaos .......PS3 has the Dual Shock 3 of which I own 2. Anyway personally I don't like the Xbox controller, mainly because I don't like the way the triggers feel(both l1, l2, r1, r2) and having the left analogue up where the d-padd should be feels un-natural.

Everytime I go over to a friends place, we play RSV2 or Halo 3 and I just cannot stand the controller or Halo 3 for that matter.

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Lukatoll4598d ago

cool article, I love the 360 controller imo it is WAY better than any other dualshock controller

Lets-Game4598d ago

this is opinion again, there been 1000 posts like this, and opinions are NOT NEWS!

predator4598d ago

i must agree, i love the 360 controller, best one for a while

agentace4598d ago

seeing as they made the worst controller ever for the original xbox they new what to do for the next one


it was the worst " looking ", but i must say... in my hands it felt the best.

The ps2 controller ( and indeed the ps3 ) tend to give me cramp in my fingures when i play some games.

This is a case of personal choice, but i do prefer the 360 pad to anything else in terms of comfort. sure the d-pad is not the best, but looking at what you normally need it for it does not make much difference. On the flip side i wish one of the analogue sticks on the ps3 was where the d-pad is on that. i would be able to use it much better.

still, its personal choice. anyhow, is this really news ? its just a " 360 pad rocks "... ya, so do apples !

fjtorres4598d ago

...the Duke was just perfect for my hands...
The new one is okay but after 5 or 6 hours my pinkies start to cramp cause the thing is just too small and there's no place for them.

Somebody ought to make a new version of the Duke.
In black only, of course...

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