Review: Destiny Is A Beautiful Disappointment [EGMR]

EGMR writes: "Destiny is the mother of all mixed bags. You've got a fun shooter built on rock solid mechanics with a gorgeous art direction and a great PvP offering, but you've also got an abysmal story, excessively repetitive and unrewarding quests, a barren and lifeless world and a poor endgame. In that way it's a contradiction. It feels like the foundations of a much more substantial game, yet at the same time I can't see what that substance is or will be. As of right now the only reason to stick around is the Crucible, and however long that lasts is up to you once real competition releases. Destiny is ultimately the product of far too much hype without the required pay off, falling dramatically short. It certainly won't be in my mind come the year end."

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Tedakin1499d ago

Just keeps getting better and better...

3-4-51498d ago

60/100 = A Broken game with bugs, glitches, poor controls, and not much content.

They should be ashamed at the lack of ethics in this review.

6/10...really ? lacks credibility.

I get you don't like it...but 6/10...that is just showing your bias....which as a PROFESSIONAL Journalist....your not supposed to have.

busytoad1499d ago

i love the game personaly, i stoped playing diablo 3 and battle field for this game,fun as hell so far.

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spacedelete1499d ago

it isn't even beautiful. Killzone 2 looks better than this game.

jon3sy91499d ago

It was fun until i hit level 20 then its just LUCK based levelling which gets really old really fast.

LordMaim1498d ago

You can buy Vanguard, Crucible or faction armor that allows for leveling, rather than waiting for rare drops. You can get them right from the Tower.

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