Blizzard admits that Diablo 3 pets die too easily, working on a fix for future patch

Diablo 3 characters' summoned pets have a tough time of it against Nephalem Rift Guardians and other super-powerful boss creatures, often dying before they get a chance to really do anything.

Following complaints about the rising cost of Diablo pet insurance, Blizzard has posted on the game's forum to confirm that they're working on the issue.

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lonelyplayer1498d ago

What? The game is too easy. The pets never die. They should allow to increase the difficulty before reaching level 60.

Mikeyy1498d ago

I haven't played my pet doctor since 2.1 but are they really weak all the sudden? He wasn't even fully geared and was wrecking stuff before.

I spend all my time building up my wizard. I hate kadala with a passion.