The Super Smash Bros. 3DS Demo Has Been an Easy Triumph for Nintendo

NintendoLife - With around 24 hours passed since its announcement, we can't help but be slightly amused by the understated nature of Nintendo of America's announcement of a Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS demo. Two of the Nintendo Treehouse staff stood outside their venerated department and, with a mixture of professionalism and a slightly nervy charm, confirmed that it'd arrive in the eShop on 19th September and — for 'select' Club Nintendo members — codes would be sent out by email within hours. Nintendo of Europe confirmed matching details — including the fact that lucky Club Nintendo members would receive four codes each — and fans exploded in anticipation.

The Treehouse presenters that opened their broadcast for the reveal rather cutely said "don't start mashing F5 right now, don't freak out" with regards to checking for emails, but that's naturally what a lot of people did. We've rarely seen such a dramatic reaction here at Nintendo Life — and all around social networks...

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