[MWEB GameZone Review]: Spider-Man Unlimited – The best endless runner to date

MWEB GameZone writes: "Spider-Man Unlimited is the best endless runner to date, offering a superb narrative, excellent gameplay, cel-shaded graphics that makes the game look like it is straight from a comic book and brilliant sound effects.

The game is free-to-play and even though it does have In App Purchases, a player can experience everything the game has to offer without spending a single cent."

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HoldenZA1547d ago

Actually looks like fun, but if I hated temple run will I hate this too?

Sillicur1547d ago

I think this game sets itself apart very well from the standard endless runner types like Temple Run, so there is a very good chance you will like it, especially if your a spidey fan!

DesVader1547d ago

That's a pretty high rating, I guess I need to check it out...The graphics look pretty comicbook-like, decent.

Sillicur1547d ago

The rating is definately well deserved. Gameloft just continues to produce gems! I love the cel-shaded graphical style

lord zaid1547d ago

I downloaded this game over the weekend. It is the best endless runner ever. But then again, that's not saying much.

Sillicur1547d ago

How far did you get into the story? Yeh it definately is the best endless runner out there, so well executed!

HanCilliers1547d ago

I heard some people saying the game is full of glitches

Sillicur1547d ago

Did not experience one glitch that was reported by some players. Maybe there was a patch since release before review.

plut0nash1547d ago

F2P getting a 9.5? Pretty surprising.