Master Chief (Possibly) Spotted in Destiny

An eagle-eyed player has found Master Chief in Destiny! Or at least, a building that sure looks like him.

Redditor SmokingGhost spotted the (possible) Easter egg during Destiny's Mars strike mission. If you stand in the right spot and angle the camera up towards the back side of this particular command center, it looks just like the chief himself.

Er...maybe. Decide for yourself.

WillGuitarGuy3294d ago

Looks more like a green Samus power suit helmet.

FanboyKilla3293d ago

Lol its gone bungie, let it go. Lmfao you didnt need a master chief reference, pretty much everything in destiny screams halo. Its sad really.

dreamed3293d ago

Exactaly....i thought a bungie dev said last week it was liberating to get away from much so they felt the need to replicate it with destiny.

Gotta admit that picture does look like MC.

Kilo_Brown3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Good find. I wouldn't be surprised if this was done by the bungie guys. I'm sure they're nostalgic at times.

lameguy3293d ago

Bungie guy #1: Hey, you remember when we made stories?
Bungie guy #2: Nope!

EvilWay3293d ago

Bubble up for you my friend

ITPython3293d ago

The way Destiny plays with co-op, I don't think they could have pulled off any more story than they did. Otherwise it would have been horrible for co-op play.

The game was definitely built with co-op in mind first and foremost, so the campaign had to be light and unobtrusive with a main emphasis on taking out swarms of enemies rather than going through cut-scenes and and other additional character/story development methods.

mhunterjr3294d ago

Yeah that's him alright...

They got Masterchief on playstation!

ape0073294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Master Chief on PLAYSTATION ????

childhood ruine...errr teenagehood ruined !!!

IC3_DEMON3294d ago

Halo 4 being shit was not the ruining moment for you?

Kingdomcome2473293d ago

I guess I'm in the minority, but I had a chance to play through Halo 4 on a buddies 360. I thought the campaign was good aside from a tad bit monotonous mission structure, but unfortunately that can be said for a lot of today's games. That multiplayer on the other hand... I'm glad they're jumping off the COD train for Halo 5, and returning to a 4v4 arena style.

Nicxel3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

Halo 4 wasn't shit, there was just no replay value and we all (most of us) wanted the old multiplayer structure from Halo 2/3.

If I were to compare Halo Reach Campaign/Multiplayer, I would say Halo 4 stomps both. The only plus with Halo Reach multiplayer was the Arena...even that ended up failing though.

TheCagyDies3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

Halo 4 was good but the level sizes and the enemies on screen weren't as big as Halo 3. Don't you remember going into Halo 3, exit a tunnel and a huge scarab would just walk over you, and in the distance you see tanks fighting brute choppers and wraiths, you would just join up with them and fight in a huge battlefield.

Loved the story of Halo 4, I thought 343 told a better tale than Bungie and the graphics were impressive. Master Chief felt more human than he ever did then Halo 1,2,3.

The MP was CODified, I agree.

Hopefully with Halo 5, we get massive areas with a lot of AI to fight and they already confirmed they are going back to the arena style -everybody starts out the same- gameplay.

iNFAMOUZ13293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

Halo4 wasn't bad at all, wtf?
as a true halo fan from the marathon days to halo 1-4 and that abysmal reach, halo 4 was what halo 3 should have been. It was one of the best of the series.
I haven't had so much fun with multiplayer since halo 2, until halo 4 came out. Although I agree, they need to remove all the extra perk loudouts, the game was a master piece, I keep scratching it though by accident lol, i've already bought like 3 or 4 copies lol, i need another one too LOL.

VealParmHero3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

@etackett ...sorry bout the disagree, touchscreen, hit the wrong one, meant to agree.

@OP...halo 4 was far from s***. It was an awesome game and a solid first attempt. That being said, it lost a lot of the original halo spirit( it was still a halo game at heart tho), and that pissed a lot of us off. I hope the mp is back to basics this time tho, and I do hope the campaign feels a bit more open, kind of how etackett posted above.

XBLSkull3293d ago

Reach was terrible, invasion game type was awesome but that is about it. Halo went from best to worst while in the hands of bungie (meaning 1>2>3>Reach) but really only reach was bad. 4 gave new life to the franchise and also had the best graphics of last console generation. I'm betting when we see H4 in 1080p60 it will actually look better than destiny on Ps4/X1.

ape0073293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

man i was just joking, no way u didn't see that

and halo 4 being sh!t, sir may i ask you, do u sh!t gold in the bathroom ???

Rachel_Alucard3293d ago

I can't understand how everyone says Halo 4 was good despite the QTE final boss and terrible forced death of a main character at the start of a new trilogy.

Master chief was slightly out of character too as he talked way more in halo 4 than he did any previous entry. The enemies were also very boring to fight annoying, and unsatisfying to kill. Also, why did all the covenant suddenly stop speaking english? The armor according to bungie comes with an intelligence boost to understand alien language, so wtf?

Multiplayer was CODlo with dull weapons and the same maps voted over and over again.

343 are complete jackasses on the forums to top it off too, with a never responding, always banning attitude.

I've stated these points many times to people and have yet to hear any particular facts about why Halo 4 was good. Ask anyone on anyone on any Halo fan-site or wherever and they will tell you the same thing.

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equal_youth3294d ago

if you put in some imagination it could count as an easter egg. Maybe this is as far as they could go.