Microsoft officially welcomes Xbox One to South Africa

MWEB GameZone writes: "South Africa is the only country in the world to receive a dedicated welcome video from Xbox's Graeme “Acey Bongos” Boyd.

South Africa has always had a strong Xbox fanbase. Will they continue their support or have most players already bought into the PlayStation 4?

The Xbox One launches in South Africa in 7 days."

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SonZeRo1494d ago

Better late than never, can't help but put the blame square on MS shoulders for crappy sales figures, too much crammed into the Xbox One that isn't gaming.

Septic1494d ago

"too much crammed into the Xbox One that isn't gaming"

Eh? You mean like all that media support that people have been asking for ages and now have?

It's still a gaming console and so far has had a decent line up of games and a great 2014 line up too. So yeah, its on point in terms of its game offerings so why not offer other things as well?

XBLSkull1494d ago

I certainly want a device that can do as much as possible besides gaming. I'd probably stick to Nintento systems if you just want a purely gaming experience.

Xbox has all the must play franchises. If I had to pick between my X1, PS4, and r9 290x gaming PC, the Xbox wins no contest.

Foehammer1494d ago

So sales better than the 360, even though the 360 launched in 36 Countries and the X1 in 13,are considered "crappy", lol.

xHeavYx1494d ago

Because we all know that sales will skyrocket once the One is launched in Burkina Faso, right? /s

Foehammer1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

Must have really bothered this troll to see the X1 as the best selling console in Japan last week, lol.

plut0nash1494d ago

Going to buy one I rate :)

Sillicur1494d ago

Do you have a PS4 yet? :)

plut0nash1494d ago

Not yet. Probably going to be a while till I get one :)

TheFallen13271494d ago

Yes its in south Africa already

TongkatAli1494d ago

Get both, they're both amazing and worth having. Take your time, don't spend too much money all at once.

lord zaid1494d ago

I love how you're all "Get both", but then "don't spend too much money all at once". Funny :D

akurtz1494d ago

He did say "take your time"

TheBrit1494d ago

And you assumed it's a 'he'.... :)

Sillicur1494d ago

Nice to see it is finally here! Wonder how many people will buy it in South Africa

Torque_CS_Lewith1494d ago

You can count me in. Been waiting a long long time. Getting the Kinect version too. Might as well jump all in.

poppinslops1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

It's worth it just for the voice control.

I can drink my tea, smoke my cigarette and surf the web without so much as reaching for the controller... Until I reach a text box.

Cortana (Microsoft's Siri) is still in beta, but functionally 'she' is already ahead of the competition. If/when they integrate 'her' with the xbox, It'll be pretty futuristic...

The gesture controls are occasionally useful, but yeah, if your hands are free you might as well just use the controller... Unless you're Tom Cruise.

HoldenZA1494d ago

So cool that they did a personal message to us Saffers :)

lord zaid1494d ago

Did you catch the outtakes at the end of the video? Hilarious!

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