Nintendo reacts to Wii issues

Nintendo of America has moved quickly to sort out problems experienced by a handful of Wii owners whose consoles were "bricked" by a WiiConnect24 downloadable update.

The patch, of sorts, appears to have crippled a small number of consoles, and Nintendo's admitted that these will need to be replaced.

According to a report on IGN, the company has offered to replace consoles within 3-4 business days, although it will take slightly longer (4-10 days) to process consoles where customers want to retrieve stored data (for example, downloaded Virtual Console games).

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Sphinx4373d ago

That is the way you treat customers! 3-4 business days is unheard of at launch... I am impressed.

Balance4373d ago

at least they admitted and jumped on the problem immediatly, that is good customer service, instead of ho humming around blaming the TV for the problem.

PS360WII4373d ago

Yeah either blaming the TV or down right not saying it's a problem till a year later...

ChickeyCantor4373d ago

yeah noo sick Wii for me =D

MicroGamer4372d ago

With downloadable firmware revisions these days?? I don't like it on PSP and I definitely don't like it on consoles. To make things worse, they won't even let you refuse to download a firmware revision, so if your machine turns into a brick, you have to send it back for exchange?? I'd rather they allowed users to download revisions voluntarily so they can wait until after all the bugs have been worked out.