Hyrule Warriors Glitch Allows You To Use Skins of Other Characters

N247: A few images of a very strange glitch in Hyrule Warriors have surfaced today. Apparently, this particular glitch allows you to use skins of other characters in the game, essentially transforming your very own character into another character.

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illmatic1498d ago

Lol. I wouldn't mind playing as Epona.

Chupa-Chupa1498d ago

Ganondorf with the girly skins.

jsslifelike1498d ago

Ghirahim always truck as a parasol sort of guy anyway...

SpiralTear1498d ago

Getting a very "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" vibe from this.

wonderfulmonkeyman1498d ago

This is one of those times when I hope they don't patch it.
If it's not causing any issues within the game itself, let it remain for entertainment value!