Cocoto Fishing Master (WiiWare World)

The Cocoto "franchise" is a strange one. After cluttering game aisles everywhere with rather blunt titles like Kart Racer, Platform Jumper and Tennis Master, the series has come to WiiWare with a bizarre take on virtual fishing. Developed by Paris-based Neko Entertainment, Cocoto Fishing Master is actually less a fishing sim and more akin to an elaborate fishing minigame under the guise of an adventure.

The story involves a magic kettle that for one reason or another started spewing lava one fateful day. Alas, the fish king who made this magic kettle is lost in a deep slumber. Now we're not sure why he needs such a kettle in the first place, but play along with us here. So, he entrusted four devils (one of which is Cocoto) with protecting this magic kettle. They, along with a fairy who could pass as Tinkerbell's sleazy stepsister, are troubled by this turn of events because they fear the lava is going to somehow destroy the world. For no ostensible reason whatsoever it comes down to the one and only Cocoto to save the day by catching five mystical fish and thus awakening the fish king....

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