Destiny Fails To Deliver On Huge Promises, Top Contender For Biggest Disappointment 2014 Award?

The biggest release of 2014, "Destiny" a brand new sci-fi IP from Bungie, is finally out worldwide. The hype surrounding the game was massive, right from its official announcement for next-gen consoles (especially for PlayStation 4). The aggressive marketing campaign from Sony and some bold claims from Bungie and Activision added up to the pressure to perform and re-write records in the history book. I hardly remember a time that a new IP or a franchise was released with the hype that Destiny has lead to until launch day. So, does it deliver upon hype and expectations? A diplomatic answer to this question would be: "Destiny is a GOOD game" but not as"GREAT" as the hype was, since its announcement suggested. Let's take a look at some important points why Destiny fails to deliver.

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JoGam1497d ago

For the people who played Destiny....Do you think Destiny can win GOTY?

thorstein1497d ago

It should (so far.) It is still September and some of the biggest games of the year haven't been released yet.

This game is exactly what Bungie promised. I am playing on PS4 and am loving the game. The only reason I am on n4g right now is because I needed a break.

The only reason you won't see people online defending the game against the hate is because they are online having a blast playing Destiny.

Am-No-Hero1497d ago

Thats damn right bro
look I don't think Destiny can win GOTY but this game
is amazing and I'm very sad for people who rely on sites to tell them if the game is good or bad ! , actually some are saying " I won't buy this game cuz of the reviews " wtf !! man much hate to this game and I don't know why , people are just follow these damn sites for making their decisions and thats weird

Concertoine1497d ago

I never really thought about it, but this year doesn't really have that many great releases outside of HD remakes.

I think it's either LBP 3 or Smash Bros for overall GOTY, though. Assuming HD remakes are out of the question.

I'm glad you're enjoying Destiny though. I wouldn't write off any criticism as illegitimate just because you like the game, because it could've been a lot better.

sobotz1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

That "Playable Terrain":

Missing Social features (no proximity chat, 3 capped fireteam)

And: Saturn? Where? I know it's gonna be a DLC, but still misleading.

Honestly, I'm having fun playing Destiny after I unlocked the Venus & Mars missions. Those missions are much interesting than Earth's or Moon's but I think this game could be much, MUCH better if they didn't held out for the last gen console. Maybe they can really make that "Playable Terrain" really playable.

And lastly, judging from the Story or Gameplay, it's still not GOTY material tho. Bland story that nowhere near Bioshock, Halo, and Half Life... and the gameplay wasn't much better than Fallout or Borderlands.

Randostar1497d ago

While i do Love this game, its not at all what Bungie promised when they announced this game. They talked about it like it was supposed to be this HUGE game to end all games. It feels like it could be really immense and over the top. They left out too much content so they would have DLC though, which is the only bad thing about this game. It needs to be bigger. Its a great game though, and when you have a couple friends to play with its fantastic.

MRMagoo1231497d ago

Biggest flop would have to be watch dogs, I have no words to describe the disappointment that game has caused.

CKPan1497d ago

It will be a sad year either TF, WD, or Destiny win the GOTY...

Future_20151497d ago

To be fair what else are you going to play right now thats new

radler1497d ago

It's sad that as disappointing as Destiny is, it's still without doubt one of the best games to be released so far during this console generation.

Soc51497d ago

I don't think they will have a "blast" paying for all the dlc that activision has planned. This thing will break records for the amount of paid dlc coming

nX1497d ago

Up until now, Destiny is actually my GOTY 2014 by far. There were quite a few decent releases this year but all in all I think that 2014 is a year of disappointments. 2015 is where it's at.

Torque_CS_Lewith1497d ago

There are tons of people (mostly ps fans) defending the game. Tons. You included.

UltraNova1497d ago

IMO GotY is Wolfenstein: The new order, so far...

They didn't hype it to outer space, they didn't downgrade it because they didn't show fake visual targets, they didn't boast about its ridiculous budget and it ended up being fun as hell, memorable and repayable. My kind of a game.

It was Dishonored all over again.

Hype is a disease.

shinrock1497d ago

That seems consistent with all other ps fans thoughts.

thorstein1497d ago

So, it's Xbox hate? I doubt it. I am sure those that are loving it on xbox don't have a problem with it.

Is it because Bungie went back to multiplatforms? Is that what has a stick up your bums?

Hateboys are just hateboys, has nothing to do with my comment about how the people that love this game are online playing it.

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mic_cala1497d ago

Gotta say I dnt understand the massive hate I mean dnt get me wtong the game is not greatt but it is good.

Atleast a 7 or 8 out of 10.

Bungie has a lot to fix but there is definantly a solid game there.

Im havin fun with but yea the story and no matchmakin or chat is a big minus hopefully theyll patch it in at some point and better story with the expansions comin.

Scatpants1497d ago

Proximity chat would have been awesome. They tout this game as some kind of big social game revolution, but then they don't even have the most basic social necessities. Rest assured it will be coming in an update.

Ducky1497d ago

That depends entirely on how Bungie/Activision handle things in the coming weeks/months.

If they iron out issues such as the counter-intuitive social features, and manage to keep the game alive, then it has a shot.

Otherwise, most players will end up forgetting about the game once they get over the honeymoon period and the heavy-hitters arrive later on in November.

MrPink20131497d ago

The game is designed around the Destiny franchise, not just what has been released so far. Which makes it very difficult to review. I imagine in a few years we will all look back and think how great the concept is but for now it's quite a letdown.

DLC and expansions will further populate the game but for now it is quite barren and empty. Just imagine if this game didn't get good sales, we would never see its full potential. I look forward to what Bungie had install for the franchise but for now the gave us quite average.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1497d ago

It not only can, it will. I mean even if you could say it under delivered on promises it's still the most fun I've had all year with a game. This game is just addictive fun. Just got done as a matter of fact. If not for work in the morning I'd still be playing.

700p1497d ago

Well this game isnt great or even bad. Its average which is NOT bad. So its not a disappoint. Alot of people are enjoying and just cus reviews are posting 6 or 7 that does not mean its bad. Its just average.

Magicite1497d ago

its not bad game, but doesnt live up to hype and hype was huge.

Tedakin1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

No game with 6 outta 10 reviews across almost every major site can be GOTY.

Dan_scruggs1497d ago

No and it would be a crime if it did.

Johnsonparts231496d ago

Do I think it CAN? No, not at this point with the raging dis-train that is the internet. Do I think it SHOULD? Absolutely. For one the game is amazing and overall fun as hell. Secondly, this has been a pretty lackluster year for gaming, so far. We'll see what the fall/winter brings but to me it's a landslide.

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Snookies121497d ago

It was really overhyped, but it has the groundwork for something really awesome. I just hope they fill it out a lot more in the coming months/years. Still a really fun game, especially with friends.

Silly gameAr1497d ago

This game was definitely one of the top 3 when it comes to the most hyped up games of this gen, but all of the blogs and websites giving it 6's and lower are ridiculous.

sobotz1497d ago

Because of the expectation they build towards the game. People tends to be disappointed.

Scatpants1497d ago

Maybe they should score the game itself and not their disappointment level. To say this game is a 6.5 is ludicrous and makes you look like you don't know what you're talking about as a reviewer

Einhert1497d ago

How is it ridiculous?

Every time they back up their score.

The GiantBomb review was perfect and it was 3/5 or 6/10

- lack of good narrative previously found in Bungie games
- Lack of variety in encounters when they made Halo, one of the most diverse FPSes out there
- Hollow experience and grind due to there being no meaning behind the grind
- The factions have no real meaning or purpose since you know nothing about them and its never explained
- Incredibly repetitive story missions
- It lacks the inventiveness or crazy fun of Halos MP modes
- The loot system feels half baked and lacks variety and like a mere quest for higher numbers
- Boss fights are dull
- Lack of content

"There are cool little flashes of brilliance in Destiny, but a lot of it feels like a game designed by people who weren't sure what sort of game they were designing. Is it a loot shooter? Sort of, but the loot isn't very good. Is it an MMO? No, but you'll occasionally encounter other players out in the field. A story-driven shooter like the Halo franchise? Sure, if you don't mind digging through the developer's website to find those little bits of lore. Clans? Again, they exist on the website but don't surface in-game in a meaningful way. The pieces are there, but too many of them feel malformed or half-realized to make Destiny recommendable. If you're interested in this sort of game, you may wish to wait and see what Bungie does in the months ahead before spending any money."

That to me is the perfect explanation of it from what I have played and seen.

lol @ Scatpants so Jeff Gerstmann does not know what he is talking about as a reviewer means you don't know what you are talking about as a commenter about reviews.

To say peoples opinions are wrong because they don't fall in line with yours is beyond ludicrous, you are delusional.

Johnsonparts231496d ago

It's ridiculous because if you look at those same sites they give higher scores to clearly worse games, or games with the same issues. Gamespot, like many other sites, gave COD:Ghosts an 8..... that game is a 6 at best and Destiny is leaps and bounds above that rubbish. That's how I look at these sites. They are reviewing Destiny on an unfair scale that they don't use on any other game. Sorry but a game with literally no story and is only multiplayer with no depth or customization of any kind gets 8' and 9's (Titanfall) and then Destiny gets criticized for it's lackluster story and missing features (still 1000% more to do and fun than Titanfall) and it gets a 6? Ya, not happening.

Yo Mama1497d ago

Everyone was in such a rush to review the game that I don't believe it got a fair chance. Reviewers couldn't understand why Bungie wanted everyone to have the game before they were allowed to start reviewing. Why would they get upset at that? It's because they wanted to hate on it. I truly believe that. Destiny isn't a normal single player or a normal multiplayer only game. This game has single player and MP elements that are seamlessly integrated. You can't judge it by the same old standards by which every other game is judged. Also, it seems like a lot of people are disappointed because it's not Halo, which I think is really unfair. This is a game that will continue to grow and expand for years and years. It just seems like people didn't take that into consideration at all.