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With all the hype that Destiny received pre launch, it serves as a collection of its errors as they are integrated into every aspect of the game. These effects take away from the game and lower its quality overall.

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christocolus1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Wow....Its really sad to see a bungie game with such low review scores. Some of their earlier games(before halo)even had better scores than this, with Halo it was always 9 to 10 and overtime most bungie fans got used to it being that way. Its sad to see their first game outside Halo been bombarded with very bad reviews.

thorstein1498d ago

Don't believe them. I've always said critics are worthless. Grab this game if you like sci fi shooters and having fun. Check this review to see if it is for you:

It is a B L A S T!

I wonder how much of the hate is just aimed at Activision.

gamerfan09091498d ago


Gamer7771498d ago

You contradict yourself.

Omnisonne1498d ago

Critics are worthless sometimes yes, but the fact remains that the game has very little to it.. low review scores or not.

I would atleast recommend people to rent it before spending 60$

thorstein1497d ago

Reading comprehension not a strong suit for some people.

I don't contradict myself at all. The review I linked echoes what I said: "TO SEE IF IT IS FOR YOU."

The review, if any of you would have read, basically explains who this game is for.

Besides, the low review scores themselves are proof that critics are worthless.

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joab7771498d ago

And this game is better than any halo game I've played. Obviously the 1st 2 were great at the time and sentimental.

It's just unfortunate that so many review it as a single player game which it isnt.

CKPan1498d ago

Reviews are good, I always check review before buying, not necessary means games I bought are great, just saying reviewS are on the right direction.
buy after review:
Dead space 1 & 2
Mass Effect 2
Bioshock Infinite
Tomb raider
Witcher 2
border lands 2
COD 5, 6, 7
Infamous SS
Child of light
The last of us
Bound by flame
metro redux

Games I didn't buy because of reviews
Nuke Duken forever
dead space 3
COD after black op
Watch dog
Destiny--- this one reviews are actually corresponding to Beta I played.

reviewS seem legit to me.

christocolus1498d ago

I totally agree. Watch dogs, black ops2..etc are on my list I've also made many purchases based on reviews. I check out video reviews,youtube videos&read some online user reviews. Not saying i depend on them 100% but at times the reviews help make the deceision a lot easier especially when you've got a lot of games you wanna play. Last gen i bought over 65 xbx 360 games and 40 ps3 games and i definitly made some choices based on reviews.

700p1498d ago

Well watchdogs and destiny arent bad games. Just average games though, nothing that spectacular.

dRanzer1498d ago

what's wrong with BF4? great multiplayer game

CKPan1496d ago

Like I said, I don't use reviews to determine games are good or bad, reviews are used to get a picture of directions of games, Destiny has very good gun play, I know, but I just can't accept to play good gun play in bad story line for 20+ hrs, I can't even stand to play through the Beta.
BF4 was buggy from reviews, don't want to pay for a defective product.

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Jughead34161498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Here's my quick review to those who're in danger of being swayed by the press. Destiny is a very fun game. I've played it for about 40 hours. Just hit level 20, and I'm still unlocking things in the game. The gun play is as good as any FPS, the leveling up and loot system is addictive, and the lore has lots of promise and potential. They could've told the story a little better. I actually learned more about the story pre-launch than I did in the game. I would give the game an 8/10, and a 9/10 for the amount of fun that I'm having. This is just the beginning too. This game will be refined and made better over time, and it will receive tons of new content over time. This is just the beginning. They've actually hired people to work 24/7 to keep the game fresh, make improvements and create new content. They've already released a schedule for next month's worth of content that we'll get for free.

Sokol1498d ago

My guess is this "new content" you are referring too will only cost 30$+ DLC on top of the game we just spent 70$* on right?

Take you damage control out of here and stop trying to persuade people..
The game of this caliber should had had content and less repetitive level design..

Original Mass Effect is more complete and fun game.. in fact I would recommend it over Destiny bland story and lackluster single player experience..

Jughead34161498d ago

You probably haven't even played the game have you? You even referred to its "single player experience." When a game is fun, and the same sentiment is shared among gamers as a whole, who've actually played it, then I want to share it. The game is pure fun. I recommend buying it. Yes, it has a DLC pack for purchase just like most modern games. It also has free content. They've released a schedule for it over the weekend. Again, if you played the game and follow it, you'd know this.

UnwanteDreamz1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Leave them to their hate while you enjoy the new free missions and events coming this month. I havent even tried the dauly heroic missions or the strike playlist. I saw the event list and cant wait. They are Increasimg the random events on worlds as well. Working on getting that legendary gear in the meantime

joab7771498d ago

Don't give ur opinion...u don't know. U r just someone who plays it and loves it.'s a terrible single player game w/ no content.

Honestly I hope Bungie shuts everyone up just patches in like 20 minutes of stupid cutscenes so we can move on to the epic gameplay.

I'm so tired of the bandwagon reviewers. How many 65 and 3/5 have I seen? Oh yeah, all of them. Good for u guys, u can go rehash MCC later on. I'll stick w/ destiny. Me and no everyone else on my friends list.

Torque_CS_Lewith1498d ago

People still treating this game like a precious ps exclusive that needs protection. Shame.

UnwanteDreamz1498d ago

No people enjoying it are giving opinions. Grow up man.

urwifeminder1498d ago

Reviewers are only right when they score games I like highly lmao.

kingduqc1498d ago

Destiny is:

-A forgettable story
-Facing waves on uninspired enemies
-An average voice acting
-Repetitive Quest line
-Bullet sponge bosses that are not challenging or fun

This is the truth. Over hyped average game and it made millions because of marketing. Basically took what was unfun of borderlands and halo and mixed it up into a really sour taste in my mouth.

There is one thing that they nailed: the world design. Sadly it's only a fraction of what a good game is.

joab7771498d ago

Have u ever played an mmo before?

Also, seriously, all games are repetitive. CoD and battlefield r great b/c they have a 5 hr cookie cutter campaign and 10 maps. Destiny is like reach minus the cutscenes and adding a Ron more content. Yeah...more content.

Themba761498d ago

try doing a lvl 26 exotic strike mission and get back to me on challenging. im lvl 26 btw.

UnwanteDreamz1498d ago

Sad you probably quit before you ever really saw what it could do. I just hit 20. My weapons and gear starting to look good. Weapons starting to.set themselves apart in function and looks

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