Has Destiny Become 2014′s Biggest Disappointment?

2014 has been a year full of ups and downs in the gaming industry – a year of great games and high expectations. Unfortunately, not all of those expectations were met. Previously, Watch Dogs held the unofficial title of 2014′s biggest disappointment, considering how much Ubisoft hyped its release for years, especially after a six-month delay. Now that Destiny is finally here, it appears as though it may knock Watch Dogs from its throne to take the title for itself.

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Eonjay1496d ago

Nope. I really actually enjoy the game. I am not disappointed at all. The biggest disappointment for me was Watch Dogs.

aconnellan1496d ago

That's the thing, I'm loving Destiny. I understand a lot of people are disappointed, but I agree with you - Watch Dogs still took that cake for me.

I'm just a sucker for sci-fi, so I've spent days reading all the Grimoire cards and learning the backstory of every planet. When I can do that with a game, read about it instead of play it, then I know I love it

thorstein1496d ago

The millions of people playing it for hours on end would be a good counterpoint to these claims of "disappointment."

Are millions of gamers spending millions of hours playing a game that they think is a disappointment?

That wouldn't make sense. So, no, I don't think it is a disappointment, not based on sales, but based on numbers of people playing and for how long.

Septic1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

See, when I played the beta and knew what Destiny was all about then so it kind of weaned me into the 'disappointment' really.

But it is by no means a bad game. Its a solid game but not worth the hype that it received (same with Titanfall). I do think many scores are a bit too harsh in my opinion but then again, I also see where they are coming from. If Bungie were taking advantage of the hype generated for it (and generating that hype themselves as well) they should be called on that hype and now have been.

UnwanteDreamz1496d ago

I got what I payed for and then some. Im loving Destiny. BF4 let me down I maybe gave it 20hrs. I got my money worth but it has been myleast fav.

Volkama1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

It would be nice if some more of that backstory was properly delivered in the game.

I still don't know if "the darkness" that is apparently so central to the story refers to the Fallen or the Hive.

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N311V1496d ago

I couldn't agree more. Watchdogs definitely takes that crown for me. I hadn't paid Destiny much attention before the beta but was hooked then and there. The full game is exactly what I expected based on the beta so I'm not disappointed at all, quite the opposite.

Eddie201011496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

I'm not disappointed at all with Destiny, I played a huge chunk of the game in the beta and based my purchase of the game on how much fun I had playing the beta. I'm still having a lot of fun with the game.

It is stupid to dock points from a game because of hype, all companies are going to hype their games as much as possible, all big release are over hyped.

I think reviewers spend more time worrying about what a game is not than what it is, and in the case of destiny it is a lot of fun. Destiny does not deserve all the low ball scores it is getting, it deserves no less than 8 out of 10 and based on the amount of fun i am having with the game, I would give it a 9.5. My opninion.

I do believe that a lot of the low scores are coming from lesser known sites that put the scores on N4G to get more hits.

Also I think it has become cool for video game reviewers to be overly critical, they think it makes them look like they know a lot about gaming, kinda like movie critics.
I think scores should go away and reviews too, they are just opinions based on the person giving them more than what the game is.

joab7771496d ago

Exactly. Destiny is amazing and I actually love it more and more everyday. And I am very critical of games.

Honestly, I just thing it's amazing.

bunfighterii1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

Im disappointed, but still enjoying it in small bites. But forget the hype, it doesnt stand on its own as a particulraly interesting game. Its just a serviceable shooter outdone by others that have come before it.

Its just repetitive, and the story is horrible. Thus the motivation to keep going is supremely gimped.

C-H-E-F1496d ago

I think WD still has the icing on that cake... For me I wasn't excited about Destiny to begin with so there was no reason to feel disappointment for the final product.

CJDUNCAN1496d ago

For a game hyped as much as destiny, it just doesn't deliver. It has great mechanics, but the richness of a story isn't there, pvp is a nightmare at times, communicating is even more of a hassle, and there's not much in the way of rewarding leveling.

Destiny is the prototype for what grind gaming is. And if you go into it seeing it as such, you'll enjoy it a lot better.

After the beta I completely lost interest, but decided to pick it up anyway just to give it a fair shot. I hit level 20 easily and now it's a super grind just to get better armor and weaponry. I've done strike missions to increase my vanguard marks and nothing happens. Crucible marks work though, but again the PvP is annoying at times.

I can see why people find the game lackluster, and I'd give it a 6 out of 10 myself. I enjoy teaming up with people and shooting things but that's the only saving grace of this game and i'm okay with that after giving it a fair shot.

Edito1496d ago

I just think that reviewers should better manage their expectations and hype... no game is perfect no matter the money involved or the hype it will not be flawless and Destiny is a good game and too big in my opinion to be reviewed the way it's being reviewed...

starchild1495d ago

Nope, if you are just speaking for yourself then you can think whatever you want. But if we are talking about which game had the bigger fall from its peaks of hype then Destiny is easily that game.

Destiny was hyped much more than Watch Dogs. For the most part Watch Dogs was in the news for negative things like delays and downgrades. Most of Destiny's coverage was positive hype.

Furthermore, Watch Dogs has the higher score on metacritic with an 80 vs the 75 that Destiny has.

So Destiny clearly had the bigger fall from grace.

obmas1495d ago

watchdogs is so goddamn boring

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randomass1711496d ago

I can see why people are disappointed, but jumping into a game with three friends has been a lot of fun for me. So I think Destiny is pretty fun but certainly not the open world masterpiece a lot of people hyped it up to be. The biggest disappointment for me so far is Battlefield 4.

ritsuka6661496d ago

Watch Dogs held the unofficial title of 2014′s biggest disappointment''

None of them delivered on the hype. They were all average games. Let's face this...

joab7771496d ago

Destiny is anything but average. I'm actually awake now b/c I wanna play it.

bunfighterii1496d ago

I think a lot of its success is the lack of PS4 and Xbone content at the monent.

CJDUNCAN1496d ago


you're absolutely correct. had destiny dropped at the same time as Halo MCC or COD AW, or any other anticipated title, it would have suffered a massive failure.

2014 has been a horrible year of gaming so far.


I think its Watch Dogs. rot in hell Watch Dogs. I wish I used that watch dogs cash for wings and beer instead

mrpsychoticstalker1496d ago

Yes, this game has only hyped the hype going on for the Master Chief Collection. Which promises to be a super hit. Thanks for that Bungie!

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