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Making any game massively multiplayer is a huge investment, and Destiny is the biggest gamble yet in the genre. Activision bet $500 million on the idea and reportedly made it back, but there are still a lot of unanswered questions about what to expect for the future of this unusual first-person shooter. As of this review posting, Destiny’s raid content still hasn’t gone live, and without playing it we can’t factor it into this review score. This is where Destiny stands here and now, and based on what you’re expecting it to be, why you should or should not play it right this minute.

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N311V1495d ago

"Destiny has not achieved greatness, yet. It is however, extremely fun to play."

So true.

wsoutlaw871495d ago

exactly it and 8 or 8.5 is a good score too.

Jughead34161495d ago

I agree with this score far more than the low scores it's been getting. It's definitely far better than a 6.

XBLSkull1495d ago

Yeah my guess was always an 8, no surprise that is what it got on gametrailers, I think they have the best reviews online.

ScottyHoss1495d ago

^the hypocrisy is strong in this one. I could have sworn I saw you agree with one of the 6/10 reviews but now you've guessed "always an 8"

mcarsehat1495d ago

It's weird the way people clutch to a single good review to justify buying a game like a baby to it's bottle. Why not ignore reviews?

wsoutlaw871495d ago

what are you even referring too

Legion211494d ago

Because games aren't cheap. With the amount of games coming at this fall I doubt people have the money to drop $60 every time a somewhat interesting game releases. It sucks feeling like you wasted $60 on game, especially when a much better one comes out 2 weeks or a month from now.

hulk_bash19871495d ago

Destiny was never going to live up the unimaginable hype it got. But that doesn't make it any less great. It's a fun game to play and at the end of the day that is really all that should matter. If you like the game then don't let other people's opinions bother you. And if you dont, them move along. Don't try to put down people who genuinely enjoy it.

Redgehammer1495d ago

I agree.. Destiny to me, is an incredibly fun experience, that I can gladly share with my sons. We have had a blast, some intense firefights, and a loot system I actually enjoy. I would give the game a solid 8.5, with a 9.5 for gameplay, and intensity. If others found it lacking, that is their perogative, and I have no criticism for it; however, I strongly disagree, and would recommend Destiny to anyone that is a FPS fan.

JediDiah1495d ago

GameSpot gave a low "6" score condescendingly as if THEY are good.

burneddude1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Their arguments [Gamespot] are solid though. The story is not that great, dialogue is cheesier than the "99 cheese pizza", and the missions, save for that one moon mission, are fairly similar. On the other hand, the vistas, the music and the gameplay are top notch. I'm having a blast playing the game, and I'm able to see the bad things. Destiny is not perfect, which in turn helps Bungie make the next iteration so much better.

typittt691495d ago

Spot on. I love it, been playing everyday, but it's far from perfect.

wsoutlaw871495d ago

It is definitely a good start. An expansion with new unique guns, missions, and some npcs could make the game what everyone wants.

Legion211494d ago

People don't get this. New IP's don't always start off at the top. Look AC 1, pretty barebones experience. Still a fun game with a good foundation and premise. People are complaining about watchdogs, titanfall, and now Destiny. Sure they're not masterpieces but the developers are learning and no doubt will improve with the next iterations.

FsterThnFTL1495d ago

Gametrailers, playing it safe as usual.

HeWhoWalks1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Giving their opinion is merely: "playing it safe"? Today's gamers, man. So sad :(

OT: About what I'd give it right now (maybe a bit higher: 8.5/10). A tad rough around the edges, but definitely enjoyable!

Plagasx1495d ago

Meh, I'm disappointed in you Bungie. I expected no less than greatness from your first new original IP in years...

Einhert1495d ago

8/10 for a game that has

- a very loose disjointed story
- Cheesy Dialogue
- Bad narrative
- Bad voice Acting
- repetitive enemies
- Complete Lack of content
- Bad loot system with very little variety in loot
- Closed off spaces
- MP based around OP supers and vehicles

OK Gametrailers lol ok...

inb4 people telling me my opinion is wrong trying to defend their purchases.

GTgamer1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

I swear if you play Destiny by yourself you see everything wrong with the game and in no time you'll get bored and put the control down but when you play with your friends you overlook all problems and just have fun which is why you see allot of mixed reviews for Destiny then again that applies to allot of MP games so yeah when some other fun mp games comes out destiny will become a faint memory. It freaks me out that Destiny had such a lack of content even tho the budget was god like ಠ_ಠ goes to show the amount of money put into doesn't determine how good it will be.

Seafort1495d ago

Well when half the budget goes into marketing what do you expect? :)

cr33ping_death1495d ago

Because you can 100 percent know how people who are playing it really feel.... right? You have such a gift? Why are you so mad over their opinion?

GTgamer1495d ago


You say I don't know how people feel and then you go forward and assume you know how i feel by saying that I'm mad at their opinion hmmmmmmmmmm (•ิ_•ิ) I guess you have a gift also.

cr33ping_death1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Your calling out people for liking or in your words " defending their purchase" so yeah you're giving off a bad vibe because people love this game

GTgamer1495d ago

Soooo me giving a example why I think destiny is getting mixed reviews is me calling out people out for liking destiny (•ิ_•ิ) dude where did you see in my comment did I call out people for liking destiny show me with your all seeing eye -_- you act like i replied to somebody that said they liked destiny but no i replied to someone who thinks destiny should get a lower score sooooooo how am i calling out destiny fans smh.

antz11041495d ago

"Their purchases". $20 says you never played it yourself.

Redgehammer1495d ago

Being told your opinion is wrong, is wrong in and of its self. However, I do disagree with many of your points. I found the dialog to be surprisingly human, and not filled with supercilious, superfluous hero jargon. It's a desolate, and this is the "end" kind of world. It's flaws make me feel the humanity is doomed vibe. There are no Cmdr Shepherd speeches here, just a populace on the brink of extinction, and the Guardians thrust into the Herculean task of saving it. Fun, Fun, Fun is my experience thus far, but to expect perfection from the company that gave us the Halo 2 ending, I believe is misguided.

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