Microsoft Reports Xbox Live Sign-in And Multiplayer Issues

Microsoft's server status page (and news tipsters) are reporting issues with Xbox Live.

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nicksetzer11521d ago

Hmm, wonder what's up. Luckily for me east coast never seems to be effected by these issues. Me and my friends are fine. Hope MS gets it back up for all users soon though, online play issues can be a real pain.

All_Consoles1521d ago

Core services are back up for Xbox one

LonDonE1521d ago

YEP i had problems signing in about 2 hours ago but after about 5 tries it was fine! one thing i love about xbox live is Microsoft doesn't mess around! any problems and they get it sorted straight away!

Its actually some thing i wish Sony would improve on! but then again psn was free for the whole of last gen and its only now they are getting money from every one via subscription for plus but even then allot of that money probable goes to the publishers for allowing their games on plus.

But Microsoft has been charging for live for 2 generations already! and smartly has invested most of that money on servers and infrastructure! its why live is hardly ever down even when updating etc where as psn is down allot for maintenance!

I just hope Sony starts to get on with improving psn.

Clunkyd1521d ago

Bit off topic, don't you think?

LonDonE1521d ago

How on earth is it off topic?
I had problems signing into live and yet it fixed itself very quickly and like i said above M$ are great at sorting any problems out FAST!

All i was saying above was i wish Sony was a little better at sorting problems out on psn! that is the pretty much of what i said above! sheesh what is it with you people? not you in particular but the fact i got so many down votes tells me these people are sad fan boys who cant accept criticism of a piece of plastic!

Any one who owns and games on all the platforms would be a liar if they couldn't admit that Sony or psn does leave allot to be desired when compared to steam and xbox live!!
Carry on crying you sad fan boys!

gootimes1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Even when it's XBL having problems, people find a way to bash on PSN. C'mon now.

badz1491521d ago


ehh..what can you say? XBL have the problem because Sony's servers suck! #fact /s

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All_Consoles1521d ago

Wow those disagrees, lol

See for yourself and cry about it smh

SonofGod1521d ago

The disagrees you get is die hard sony fans that flood Xbox articles to disagree with pro xbox comments and talk trash about the console or MS. I know it sounds stupid but it's true.

They are a very sad group of individuals.

LonDonE1521d ago

@All_Consoles @SonofGod
Agreed the fan boys on this site from Playstation/Microsoft/nintendo /P.C are a joke! they are pathetic! and all they know how to do is vote people down and cannot provide any real argument! they are vermin on this site!

They hate on people like me who has said pretty much a gazzilion times I AM NOT A FAN BOY! look at my avatar pic if anyone doubts me! i own and game on all platforms! and i call out the companies who do things which i dont agree with!

Sad thing is this site has become over run by zealous children and man children who can only afford one platform and so become bitter towards the competition and cannot admit some thing which is true if it makes their platform of choice look bad! SHEESH THEY ARE PIECES OF PLASTIC! LMAO

Sm00thNinja1521d ago

Please read the article before commenting! The author states he had no issues signing in after hearing of the alert. He trolled his own article. Either way not having sign in issues myself but I'm sure there's a small number of users experiencing issues. XBOX LIVE IS NOT DOWN THOUGH. Or hacked... Like xbox fans like to troll on PSN down articles

1521d ago
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