Sony Ericsson F305 Phone With Motion Gaming First Impressions (Verdict: Underwhelming)

Crave writes: "Like its Sony Ericsson W910i Walkman phone with its Shake Control, the Japanese-Swede's newest gaming phone on the block, the F305, requires some pretty frenetic arm aerobics to play. So much so, it almost launched itself out of my grasp during the hands-on tour. The piano finish on the unit, generously lubricated by now from the gummy smudges of journos at the CommunicAsia fringe event, imbued the F305 with slippery eel-like powers.

Sony Ericsson could well take a page out of Nintendo Wii's book by bundling a wrist strap to avoid future awkward lawsuits. Too bad the lanyard hole sits at the top, rather than at the bottom which would have allowed some creative improv. In close slider mode, this quad-band phone phone is pretty small and flat, about palm-sized, which didn't help with grip. As a side note, the black unit had a more visible oily sheen than the white version. So if I had to go for a color, I'd gun for the latter."

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