Frugal Gaming Review | War of the Vikings

With your sword held aloft you hastily close distance on your foe, arrows and spears narrowly miss their target as you get ever closer to your quarry.

Your swords meet with a shuddering crash, you back away preparing to strike again - Writes MrBadDog

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PridedLlama1496d ago

bet this would be cracking to play with 2 full teams of friends :-)
just wish it was a little bit cheaper, added to my wishlist for now

UglyGeezer1496d ago

They can be fun, frustrating as well though.

A team of fellow useless players is a laugh.

karlosmorale1496d ago

Sounds a lot like Chivalry. Seems like it could be fun.

As one of the useless players, I appreciate the opportunity to be a laugh!