Does the Games Industry Need More Free-to-Play Games?

Several authors discuss the current state of free-to-play games and the segment's future.

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Codewow1548d ago

I am always open to a good free-to-play game that doesn't abuse micro-transactions. Team fortress 2 is a good example of the perfect F2P model.

Timesplitter141547d ago

This debate is similar to the Early Access debate. Some games do it right and some games do it wrong. The former is good and the latter is bad.

Games like TF2 and Warthunder have great, fair F2P models that benefit the devs as much as it benefits the players. Other games don't.

Games like DayZ have very good reasons for an early access version, and other games do it just because they can, and end up abandoning the development because they've already made enough money

ftwrthtx1548d ago

I don't mind them if some of the purchasable content can be unlocked by playing the game.

knifefight1548d ago

I like it, as long as the free portion is actually a game worth playing. Anarchy Online comes to mind as a good example. I played that back when it first went free. Had like a good year or year and a half with that. It had advertisements for free players but paying customers got no ads. Didn't break the game at all and everyone was happy. Great stuff.

BattleAxe1547d ago

"Does the Games Industry Need More Free-to-Play Games?"


XBLSkull1547d ago

Very well said, and in only a single word. Nicely done.

Magicite1547d ago

what would a troll like you know.

bjshepp1547d ago

When journalists have to ask whether or not the gaming industry "needs" more of something, that's usually the answer.

pompombrum1547d ago

I'd be open to it if it's done the right way say like LoL but ultimately, I'm just too paranoid that they won't be making as much as they want/need and will sell out the game's integrity to try and make more money.

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