Mojang Prepares to Make Kinect Sports Games

With the rumored purchase of Minecraft developer Mojang by Microsoft, employees at the company are already gearing up to work on the acclaimed hit series Kinect Sports. While none of the employees at Mojang were willing to talk specifics about the speculated deal, they were more than willing to talk about hypotheticals that would give Mojang the unrestricted freedom to create all of the Kinect Sports games they could ever want. One employee was so excited by this idea, he has already given up on his dreams of working on any other franchise ever again. “This would be a dream come true,” explained the employee, “If we are bought out by Microsoft, imagine the transformation this company will go under. We will be unrecognizable in a few years and that’s a good thing. I’m tired of being known for some silly old game like Minecraft. I’d rather be working on something like Kinect Sports for example. I’d love to work at Mojang, makers of Kinect Sports. That would be a wonderful feeling indeed.”

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Codewow2569d ago

Needs a satire tag.

Funny though.

camel_toad2569d ago (Edited 2569d ago )

If kinect was implemented into minecraft I couldnt mine for more than 10 minutes without breaking into a heart attack. Id break a sweat just digging a toilet.

Codewow2569d ago

If Minecraft had kinect support I'd have my workout regiment for the week.

getrektedmate2569d ago

They will probably "rare" them...

DarkOcelet2569d ago

I see what you did there .

MasterCornholio2569d ago

-drops on knees-

Noooooooo please dont turn Minecraft into a crappy kinect game.


Just kidding im sure that won't happen.

WeAreLegion2569d ago

Haha. If this deal goes through, I think there are big plans for Majong. I hate that they would sell to someone though. I want Minecraft on every platform possible with continued support for the foreseeable future.

Felinox2569d ago

Honestly if Microsoft is willing to throw down that much scratch for Mine craft they should have just taken $2.5 billion loss on releasing more powerful hardware in the first place. Then they might not be getting trounced by Sony.
That said I'm a xbone owner and I would rather start a dozen new studios then buy mojang.

mrpsychoticstalker2569d ago

Excellent . It's all about exclusives! Microsoft always pushing the envelope.