Why Destiny's Endgame Is Just the Beginning

Bungie’s brand-new Destiny includes quite a bit of content beyond its multi-planet campaign. To wit: Raids are six-player missions that open up when players hit level 20. There are no waypoints to tell you where to go and what to do; they're also friends-only, with no matchmaking, meaning that you’ll need to gather five friends who own the game, and sync your schedules in order to play them. They’ll have you struggling your way through the most challenging dungeons, fighting the biggest bosses – and they reward you with the best loot and upgrades the game has to offer. They are very challenging, and demand communication and cooperation from the entire team.

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ramiuk11499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

at lvl 18 when u get the vangaurd strikes opened up and then ,the lvl 20 raid etc its a totally different game.

bungie have a chance of making the best online fps mmo imo and as long as vision is more important than milking people for every dime i will support them and it can exist with other shooters too imo.

Webbyy1498d ago

Yup.. went level 18 last night and the strikes are funner now. gonna keep playing. this game is fun with friends like i mentioned before.

Lawboy21498d ago

Don't believe it's just not's the same game....I'm a level. 24 hunter and a level 17 warlock, I've spent about 48 hrs in game already and I love this game so much...but tbh it's not a totally new's the same game with the same set of enemies getting the same loot uve always gotten....I tried to do that weekly strike again for the 80th time and I said screw this I'm tired of fighting this stupid spider that takes 4 hrs to beat no matter what new weapon I get

Webbyy1498d ago

"I'm tired of fighting this stupid spider that takes 4 hrs to beat no matter what new weapon I get " << lmao.

So true man, These stupid bosses takes about 40 minutes the least to beat... that ridiculous.. it takes wayyyyyyy to long to beat bosses in this game. and like you mention the weapons don't see to help either :-/

Maxor1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Yup. All the fanboys will tell you how awesome it is to grind out a raid in the same old instance with bosses you already seen before x1000 hit points. All for a weapon that does +10 damage if you're lucky.

That isn't end game. That's garbage. The problem with Destiny is that no matter what you do you're still stuck with recycled content without a hint of variety.

This game isn't designed to be played by people, it's designed for mindless zombies.

LordMaim1498d ago

You definitely need new weapons. I'm a level 25 Titan with friends who have a level 22 Hunter, and level 24 Warlock. The spider tank in the very first strike takes less than 5 minutes. We regularly do the whole strike, including the tank, with no deaths.

Lawboy21498d ago

@ lord main

I said the weekly strike...which you can set the difficulty to level 22 level 26 or level 28

Cha0tik1497d ago

You guys are complaining about how hard something is? You don't like a game to continuously being challenging regardless of which Boss you're fighting? I enjoy having to grind for better stuff in order to take part in these new strikes and the raid coming later today I'm excited for the difficulty and learning how to beat these guys. If this is bullshit to you then you might as well find some easy game to play because games that don't maintain a level of difficulty and challenges always becomes boring much quicker.

--Onilink--1497d ago

I actually solo'ed the Tank without much problem in the Weekly Strike at level 23. You probably didnt have Arc weapons (or a Titan) in you party. A couple of Arc rockets, a grenade and then up close with my Legendary shotgun(also Arc) to the exposed core and he went down in about 5 minutes. I didnt even need to expose the core a second time.

Then again, my titan build was perfect for that specific strike, i would probably had a much harder time with a Void or Solar modifier

I actually had a tougher time in the 1st part where you have to defend the ghost.Those damm snipers were annoying as hell

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CJDUNCAN1498d ago

im at level 21 and the raids aren't open.


Raids coming tomorrow ( 16th of september ).

Blasphemy1498d ago

"they're also friends-only"

well thats bullshit, an online only game were you NEED friends to play it. that's how the old school mmos did it bungie needs to get with times.

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-Foxtrot1499d ago

"meaning that you’ll need to gather five friends who own the game, and sync your schedules in order to play them"

Not everyone has time for, college, other commitments etc

Why should I not be allowed to play a game mode just because my friend either has a different console, works or can't be arsed to play.

user65409481498d ago

Lol from what I hear lately YOU seem to have plenty of time for that. If you invested all the time you spend on n4g you could have earned a couple of PhD's lol.

-Foxtrot1498d ago

Really another you think you can't type and walk with your phone.

I'm at Uni full time, I work two jobs sooooo....

pwnsause_returns1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

you havent played an MMO then...

thats how MMOs are..even I recognize that Destiny Plays Like an MMO, in fact when you think about it, it is.

Brucis1498d ago

Not every game is for every person. Sorry your schedule doesn't work out for you.

mrmack001498d ago

Just got to 21 and I don't like this part either.. I don't have six friends that own the game, without considering the fact that it would be impossible for us to sync schedules to try this.. I don't understand their reasoning for this at all

Shadonic1498d ago

its supposed to be something that requires finding players who are up to the task and are willing to communicate, matchmaking takes that out and replaces it with a search engine in a sense. With all of the sites sporting Destiny with literal specific areas for finding people to play raids or strikes with I don't see the issue here your not going to be the only player in all the known world whose up for a raid at 3 in the morning.

If i can walk into a random guy and make a friend on the heroic strikes I'm sure that other people can do it with strikes.

mrmack001498d ago

@shadonic..True but I think they should trust gamers to understand that a raid requires cooperation. At the very least some form of in game chat that let's people organize and talk to each other.. Call me lazy but I don't want to go online to find people.. I want to turn on the game and play.

itisallaboutps1498d ago

My friends and I always play at night. So no biggie. We get our stuff done during the day. Occasionally hw and work get in the way but most of the time no

Toon_Link1498d ago

It sounds like raiding might not be for you considering there are prerequisites that don't sync up with your current life choices. That's how it goes for me and final fantasy 14, I can enjoy all the content till extreme mode primals and second coil of bahamut. Both take a very large commitment and organizing schedules with others. All I'm trying to say is end game content isn't for everyone.

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Bansai1498d ago

I was bored after 3rd map and you're talking about beginngs at end game, lol.

MatriXcian1498d ago

Im sorry but Destinys endgame is worse then the actual story missions. All it is is a lootgrind doing the same exact boring missions and strikes weve already beaten multiple times. As a level 22 Warlock Im bored as hell already. The only oblective is to grind to get new gear.

grahf1498d ago

Have you attempted the Weekly Heroic Strike yet? That was absolutely intense. It took us a good 45 to 60 minutes to work through the kinks for the first encounter and get our teamwork down, and it was awesome when S.Prime finally went down another hour later.

ramiuk11498d ago

thats what every mmo is like,when i used to play EQ2 on pc we used to meet up and go clear all the zones and go epic hunting,was a blast.
destiny similarbut with guns.
although it defo needs more enemys.

1 thing i would like them to do is do random zones so the bots vary and so do the bosses.

urwifeminder1498d ago

Slow down on the Destiny articles wow its like the hype all over again by the time I finish this sentence another 10 will have appeared lmao.

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