Wet PS3 Exclusivity Denied

There have been rumors on the web that a UK game retailer is only showing PS3 cover art for Sierra's hotly anticipated title Wet and therefore it will no longer be available for the Xbox 360. Today, the Bitbag received an e-mail confirmation from Sierra/Vivendi that Wet will not be a PS3 exclusive title. We put a little more confidence in this response than prior "we can neither confirm or deny" statements we have heard from other publishers in the past.

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Le-mo3778d ago

"Hotly anticipated?" I haven't even heard of the game until now.

Cartesian3D3778d ago

me too .. Iv been on N4G for about 1 and half year , and I dont remember anythin about this game..

BulletToothtony3778d ago

Sony's claim that Gears of War2 coming to the ps3 is false..

and btw what's "Wet" again never heard of it

Sangria3777d ago

This is how to fail a hype attempt: talking about rumors that never existed on a game that nobody knows.

juuken3777d ago

I never heard of it either...o_O

qface643777d ago

so im not the only one that hasn't really heard of it i was like hotly anticipated? O_o

Zeal0t3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

you're not :) But anyhow the title has sparked my interest a bit ^^

butterfinger3777d ago

yesterday's article claiming that we had such high expectations for Midway and Vin Diesel's Wheelman? I think companies are using a strategy of putting out fake rumors or debunking non-existent rumors just to get us to bite on their obscure titles. This is stupid.

TruthBTold3777d ago

pheww...Im glad Im not the only one that hasnt heard about this "hotly anticipated game" knowone seems to know anything about. Talk about hyping a game. What is it though, sounds more like porn LOL.

themyk3777d ago

i've heard of it a few times. it's all about this hottie that can run and flip around like a crazy person and shoot at the same time.

what ever.

PopEmUp3777d ago

late last year, but not sure which platform it was on. the game was show on ign, and you know there even a wallpaper of it

Doppy3777d ago

All I know is that it's an action game about a girl with a sword and a gun.

ShAkKa3777d ago

i came to hear about this games just a few days back when put it on their list of "forgotten ps3 games" and i don`t think this is hotly anticipated at all.

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xfrgtr3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago ) is the worst source of info,you remember the Bioshock fiasco?
There wasn't even a rumour to begin with.The title is misleading,how an exclusivity deal is denied while Sony never ask for it?lol.It shows how anti-sony the bitbag is.

Mr_Bun3777d ago

why does bitbag hate sony? I know why does, but did bitbag and Sony have a falling out?

Mr_Bun3777d ago

I love it when people disagree with a question...then to top it off, don't have the balls to comment as to why they disagree

Mr_Bun3777d ago hates Sony 'cause they were asked by Sony not to publish a rumor about Home and Kotaku published it anyways, so Sony has blackballed them and Kotaku is still bitter.

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MK_Red3777d ago

WTF? There was never such a rumor. The game was announced for both PS3 and 360 long ago and the first shown footage was from the 360 version.

Zeal0t3777d ago

What type of game is it? Genre?

MK_Red3777d ago

Action adventure with a hot gal killing people Kill Bill style:

Zeal0t3777d ago

Thanks :) Wow the trailer was sweet though it was only cg... i like the idea and the setting. im going to track this game

Pornlord3777d ago

WET is an upcoming video game, developed by A2M and published by Sierra Entertainment for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The game is an action game starring a female heroine named Rubi. Although recently announced the game has already been compared to the Tomb Raider series, due in part to Rubi's similarities to Lara Croft as well as the vampire Rayne from BloodRayne.


Apparently I can't comment in the GZ... cute

ShAkKa3777d ago

maybe is because your name lol!

name3777d ago

Everything becomes a hotly anticipated title if exclusivity is in question.

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