Scans roundup – D4, Deep Down, Resident Evil: Revelations 2, The World End Eclipse, Yakuza Zero

Check out the latest scans from this week's Famitsu.

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ABizzel11497d ago

I don't know about D4

I honestly don't think Deep Down is F2P anymore. There's too much development time going into this game, and if it is it's going to be a game that pushes micro-transactions. The game looks gorgeous, and while I'm against micro-transactions for the most part I would be willing to buy just a few things simply to support the game for the time, work, and effort put into it.

Resident Evil Revelations actually has my interest. I hated RE6, and this seems to be moving back towards true Resident Evil fashion.

Can't comment on TWEE, because I can't read it nor have I heard of it, but I like the art-style.

Yakuza Zero looks good, but I not even going to get my hopes up for it making it to the west.

DarkOcelet1497d ago

In terms of story i think D4 will be great just like how Deadly Premonition was ... in terms of gameplay , i hope its better than Deadly Premonition , much better.
Deep Down looks beautifully amaaing , i still hope for a retail version .
Revelations 1 was great , its just needed better enemy design , better story and better characters . But aside from that it was really good . And Revelations 2 looks very interesting .
About Yakuza zero , hopefully it does but i wont get my hopes up.