The Second Game That Has Put Tears in My Eyes

Hooked Gamers writes: "I finished MGS4 tonight. No spoilers, I promise. All I'd like to say is that there is no other game out there that has been so emotionally satisfying on every level, that puts every kind of emotion imaginable in your head. It is, like the title says, only the second game that has ever made me cry.

The first? Final Fantasy 7 which I played a long long time ago when I first experienced the storytelling techniques of videogames. The death of Aeris was so shocking and so out of nowhere that I didn't know what to think. Then the reactions of the characters, the music, and the burial seen brought the tears to my eyes and, for the first time ever, I felt emotionally connected to a game beyond excitement."

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sonarus3778d ago

MGS4 left me with a deep sense of satisfaction that no other game has ever done before.

It may not be the best game of all time but this gen, no title holds a candle to MGS4. It completely re-defines the word epic. Cut scenes may be long as hell but its all worth it. Skipping cut scenes is essentially killing the experience fo yourself.

BLuKhaos3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

I agree 100%,I got this game on the 12 and I'm already on my 4th play through.

Angelitos3778d ago

People need to get MGS4 for PS3

donator3778d ago

I've finally seen some MGS4 ads here in the United States. Pretty awesome.

kingOVsticks3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

the only other game i played that brought tears to my eyes was grandia for the dreamcast.MGS4 was my second, actually three times in acts 3-5 XD I wasn't balling but I teared up. I remember G4 had this stupid gphoria thing where games take you to another level I felt that enlightenment with MGS4 haven't felt it sense SOTC and shenmue when ever I play this game I feel at peace. This game maybe the best game I have ever played and i played sooo many.It not just a video game its truely a marvel to be experienced.

I just hope as many gamers or people who enjoys a outstanding story as possible put aside their pride and play this game either renting,going over a friend house or throwing down some cash to play it.I am just happy to see people appreciate this game as much or more as me. I hope sony hypes this game up as much as they can while staying respectful to solid snake(no mountain due please),people need to know that video games aren't just meaningless violence or just for kids and nerds they can also be mediums for beautifully told stories through amazing 3d animation and interactiveness. Game developers please take note

Havocxx3778d ago

isnt alone on that one when i beat it, * no spoilers* man that last fight was just so, * breaths air* satisfying. I felt like singing the gi joe theme and saluting my tv in my boxers

The Wood3778d ago


that bought a victorious tear to my eye

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