Destiny Discussion: What's The Last Game You Purchased Based Of Reviews

So the reviews are finally streaming in on Destiny's latest first person shooter and reviewers haven't been as kind with their words or scores on Bungie's latest AAA release - But has this influenced your decision to buy the game?

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Frankskint1495d ago

Last game I bought of Gamespot's high review marks was COD Ghost and what a major disappointment that turned out to be.

XBLSkull1495d ago

My purchase of Shadows of Mordor, Alien Isolation, and Evil within are all going to be based off of how well they are received.

venom061494d ago

Activision knows people buy games based on reviews, that's why they held off sending review copies to review sites before launch. But they ALSO know they had IGN in the back pockets to hype the game to hell and back, and wouldn't bash them for it, like they would've done any other publisher... So yeah, Activision got over on all of us with their business partner IGN (Activision bought the IGN ProLeague).. It's actually pretty crooked and pathetic that us as gamers were the victim to this PR/marketing sham...

Hellsvacancy1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Demon's Souls for me, I never knew what the game was until I read some extremely positive reviews, it's probably one of the only games i've bought based on reviews

janetmarrett111495d ago

I always trust reviews from IGN, they are yet to post their views on destiny.

I read the escapist review the other day and they referred to Destiny as Chorecraft LMAO

Hellsvacancy1495d ago

"I always trust reviews from IGN" that must be sarcasm right?

DJ-DK7861494d ago

They gave Ghosts 8.8/10. How can you trust them???

danniellelewis1494d ago

No way I'd trust IGN's review.

MrChicagoWind1494d ago

I used to trust IGN.

But I bought a couple of games given very high scores, and I was disappointed with my purchases. I feel as if IGN is somewhat reliable when it comes to AAA titles, but they rate indies waaay too high in my opinion.

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edwardhuff6631495d ago

Reviewers are probably paid to rate a game up, so no i don't trust them. Saying that Destiny reviews have been spot on.

imXify1495d ago

Never. Letting a reviewer chose a game for you is like being a mama's boy in a store and let her chose the games for you.

dericb111494d ago

Raids are still locked. Most weapons and armor have not been found. Most public and weekly events have not been opened yet. Most of the game has not been played. Like all reviewers say. Lets rush this 6 out fast. At this stage reviews need to have trophy/achivement progress with the review. We really need to weed out people who play for a hour and call it a review.

RobAlmighty1494d ago

Agreed. I am level 23 right now and have been playing a ton of Skirmish. I have not had this much fun in a FPS since playing Halo 3. My group is all set for the first raid opening on Tuesday. The game is getting bigger and bigger.

IMO, I do not really care for a story in a FPS. I got Destiny to grind gear, kill big monsters, and PVP with friends.

I just wish I could skip the cutscenes.

ScottyHoss1494d ago

I honestly haven't had this much fun playing any game ever. Most cases I can't play games for more than one or two hours without feeling like I wasted time or I get bored, but this game is seriously addicting, I can't put it down. Just goes to show how sad the state of gaming journalism is, where they feel they aren't needed because of developers like bungie talking straight to gamers, so they turn and give them horrible reviews, which is completely childish.

On topic, the bad reviews aren't stopping me from enjoying this masterpiece with my friends, and I definitely will be for a long time to come.

Ninver1494d ago

It's GT6 all over again. They game got better as you gradually progressed and yet reviewers thrashed it. It's almost like a race to see who has the first review.

charliewong9801494d ago

Exactly. I don't trust most reviewers. If I can go into my local gamstop have a quick little play through I know the games worth getting.

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