'Destiny' Isn't Too Small, It's Just Too Empty

Forbes: Right around the time of the beta, there was a lot of fuss being made that Destiny seemed like it wasn’t shaping up to be as “epic” in scope as many believed. Some fans had visions in their head of a whole galaxy full of planets to explore, and instead they were told they’d have four or five worlds with one exploration zone each.

But now that the game has arrived, it’s time to officially declare it “big enough.” In the end, the map only revealed four planets with one explorable zone each (including the inexplicable appearance of “The Reef” which just sits there as an empty zone), but these areas are so huge, Destiny certainly feels like a pretty enormous game, in terms of total square footage.

Yet, Destiny still suffers from a pervasive issue despite its sprawling maps and endlessly twisting tunnels. The problem isn’t size, it’s what’s contained in the world itself. And unfortunately, it isn’t much.

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getrektedmate1586d ago

Titanfall: overhyped. Watch Dogs: OVERHYPED! Destiny: MOAR OVERHYPED!!!

Shadonic1586d ago

I'm going to agree they were all over-hyped but honestly every-game that's been coming out since next gen hit has been over hyped. Even then Destiny is a great game, the over-hyped is mostly on the fault of the players coming up with imaginations on how things would be in the game. I also enjoyed Titanfall from what i played of the beta but i cant comment on the full game as i haven't exactly played it.

Watchdogs just failed hard but still over-hype though in terms of whose fault it is it's players and Activision with marketing with Destiny, players with Titanfall, Players and Ubisoft marketing with Watchdogs. Then again can we really blame marketing as its their job and they did it, I've always read up on the games weekly updates and what people found but it seems like a large majority of people disappointed with it when about buying it like most kids choose their snacks or cereals.

pompombrum1586d ago

That's the problem these days.. people cry for new IPs, when they see exciting ones they hype them to impossibly levels then hate on them when they don't deliver on the unrealistic expectations. Personally I enjoyed all three of those games, now none are hardly 10/10 masterpieces but I got my money's worth from them that's for certain.

Genki1586d ago

Seems like that's about all this generation has amounted to so far - hype.

Should have seen it coming when all of our consoles are powered by a tablet based architecture, but oh well. Fool me once, shame on me.

Ju1585d ago

This generation gamers turned into crybabys whining about anything and nothing. Those games are not better or worse what we had since the beginning of gaming but I get the feeling the level of disappointment raises with each console generation with expectations growing exponentially. I enjoy all games so far. People, stop whining - or gaming.

Forn1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

Reason is they're all cross-gen games. It's a shame. Later this year and next year we'll see far more true next-gen games. I have a feeling those will impress.

Kran1586d ago

The Order and Division are clearly next.

Jaqen_Hghar1586d ago

The Order is NOT being hyped at all. All a man has heard about is how terrible it's going to be. Do people even know what overhyping is?

Shadonic1585d ago

Division is probably next, I'm expecting maybe some technical server issues or someone starting another Downgrade rampage if it happens. No mans sky isnt out yet and we havnt exactly seen much of it besides some trailers and interviews but as of right now every game is on my radar for a possible target of over hyping.

Jaqen_Hghar1586d ago

stop spamming this message which is completely untrue. Destiny was less hyped than Titanfall considering how many cautionary tales we had beforehand while Titanfall was greeted as the second coming.

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morganfell1586d ago

Dear Forbes...shut up. It isn't that you are never right, merely when you are it is the result of luck and happenstance rather than insight. The other 99% of the time your deductions are pure trash.

DanteVFenris6661586d ago

No it just really is too small. 4 planets and all of them combined is smaller then like tenth the size of skyrim. And skyrim doesn't have jet boards to travel supper fast. Making the map even appear smaller

Saelyn1586d ago

Agreed as much as I do enjoy playing it there just seems to be something wrong with the amount of locales. I could understand if we could explore more like let's say on Earth we could explore Russia, Americas, the Arctic or something; but it's like each planet gets one or two locales.

So I'm hoping that sooner or later there will be more locales on a planet along with more planets. I was also I guess hoping something in the way of Mass Effect and having more planets to explore.

mochachino1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

Zero NPC and zero story. Should have been a mix of skyrim, borderlands, and Halo with a greater emphasis on mutliplayer.

The gun play is good but not so good that it can exist devoid of everything else that makes a good game.

One side quest in Skyrim told a vastly more interesting story than the entire game in Destiny. Both have rather repetitive gameplay, with levelling but Skyrim made it fun at least. At least if you went off exploring something interesting generally happened. There no reward for exploration in this game.

Borderlands enemies and bosses required more varied tactics. And as an MMO this would be the worst MMO released ever. Zero communication, no boss strategy, no class based strategy.

I am so disappointed in Bungie. I can't believe they released this.

SnotyTheRocket1586d ago

Stop crying about the story. Nobody cried about the Dark Souls story. If you want more story, pay more attention in-game, or read the damn Grimoire cards that you collect. The game is fun.

Guitardr851586d ago

At least with Dark Souls, the story was fleshed out in the game via items, and dialogue...

In Destiny, the Grimoire cards aren't even accessiblae in-game (why on earth would they decide to do that)? Why not amend the game to as least make these accessible as a menu item for Christ sakes? I just thing of all the other 50 bagillion games that have more content accessible and wonder, what did Bungie spend all of their development time on?

Love Destiny by the way, having lots of fun with Crucible, strikes, and raids, just concerned about where the story went? They have a lot of potential in this universe but I can't help but feel that they have squandered it a little...

Shadonic1585d ago

Disagree on the leveling thing, It still has that feeling i got from skyrim every time I got to spend some points on lock-picking or sneaking. I agree story could of been done better. It seems as though from what Bungies said Raids are more akin to the things your pointing out as Destiny's issues. It is incredibly weird as to why things are like this but even then I'm still having fun with the game.

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