What Have We Learned From Titanfall, Watch Dogs, And Destiny?

Forbes: The reviews are in and Destiny appears to be something of a disappointment for fans and critics alike. The game has received rather low review scores from many major outlets, 6 out of 10s and the like, and its all-important Metacritic rating is hovering at a troubling 75.

Past that, it’s a strange situation as in the wake of GamerGate, fans and critics don’t seem to be at odds with one another regarding low review scores of Destiny. This is an industry where fans will lose their minds of a Zelda game is scored in the 8 range, but there has been surprisingly little pushback even among those fans who like the game.

I know the feeling. I like Destiny more than most critics it seems, but I understand that there are pretty huge, pervasive problems with it, some of which involve what it contains, some of which involve what it doesn’t.

One major complaint about Destiny is that the scale is vast, but largely repetitive, where players will retread over the same maps, fighting the same enemies in the same mission formats. The other big issue everyone has with Destiny?

It just doesn’t seem like what was promised.

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user65409481585d ago

I've learned that it can't hurt to wait a couple of days to see review scores, user reviews, and feedback from friends before buying a new game. Pre-ordering is for suckers if it's an unfamiliar franchise. Trust me, i'm sick of sequels too, but i'm not parting with $60 until I have a better idea of what the final product is like.

Muzikguy1585d ago

I agree! Last gen was terrible for overhyped games and failing to deliver. I was duped so many times. From all the crap ports to all the fake promises. $60 is a lot for me to part with when I won't play the game for more than one week. WD got me this time, but I'm skeptical on all things Ubi now. I don't buy EA games anymore (after Dead Space2 and now BF4) and I haven't touched COD in years. I'm waiting for reviews, and checking out what people have to say about the game. It's about time companies start working for their money, instead of expecting it. There's games I'm actually excited to play though, like The Evil Within and Silent Hills and Uncharted4. Shadow of Mordor and Natural Doctrine look interesting too

radler1585d ago

Chances are if you're buying a game published by EA, Ubisoft or Activision, it's going to be garbage. Will people ever learn though? Nope.

Watch as people forget all the problems with Battlefield 4 when EA puts out their new Star Wars Battlefront game. Watch people forget how terrible Watch_Dogs was when Ubisoft dumps The Division on us. It's a neverending cycle because gamers never learn.

venom061585d ago

we have learned the power the OVERHYPE from IGN!!! We have learned that IGN has the power to overhype the hell out of Activision titles (or titles very similiar to CoD) and they will not hold a publisher of their liking feet to the fire when that publisher tries to pull a fast one and not sending early copies to review before launch. If EA tried to pull that slick crap, it would've been crush in the so called "game press", yet nothing critical of Activision was said when they did it. We learned that sites that have business ties with certain publishers (Activision bought the IGN ProLeague) should be called out for their pathetic conflict of interest, and overhyping of that publishers major titles, and us gamers are left holding the bag and out of $60.

PeaSFor1585d ago

i learned that i like Destiny, hate Titanfall and find Watchdogs boring.

RedDeadLB1584d ago

I get Battlefield 4, but what was wrong with Dead Space 2?

theshonen88991584d ago

Dragon Age 2, Battlefield 4, Final Fantasy XIII, Duke Nukem Forever, Resident Evil 6, Devil May Cry 2, etc.

Doesn't matter if it's a new IP or a sequel. Don't pre-order anything you can't return.

EeJLP-1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

I bet very few learned not to be poor consumers and get themselves artificially hyped up over nothing. Way too many comments about nonsense 'hype'. It's not that difficult to research before purchasing something. There will be plenty that still defend their poor purchases as the second coming.

Titanfall looked extremely generic from the beginning, not to mention it being padded with bots. How anyone got 'hyped' for that is beyond me. I wasn't personally interested in the other two either. Check my post history, I doubt I said anything about those two, because 'hype' is what you make it for yourself. There will always be plenty of sheepie people that just follow the fad, who think they're cool if they jump on a bandwagon.

View the gameplay. If it doesn't look all that special, it's not hard to watch the gameplay and then basically ignore it if doesn't peak your interest. You can usually form a solid opinion based on this. If you've played enough games before, you very rarely need to play the actually game yourself to see what the gameplay will be like and if that's something you like. Wait for some reviews just to be sure there's no major issues or your hunches weren't way off.

"Dude, are you getting Titanfall, bro?"

Guy who falls for 'hype':
"Hell yea bro, chips and dip at the Halo party with Titanfall bro."

"Fk no, that game looks like garbage and it's padded with bots. That's lame. *waits for good games like TLOU, Uncharted, MGS, etc.*"

Form your own opinions in life. View gameplay, check reviews, be patient (save money and issues get patched).

itBourne1584d ago

I do agree the game is by no means spectacular, I do think that the game has also been unfairly judged as well. It is the new "cool" thing to hate. Certain games unfortunately get this stigma, the Order is going to receive the same treatment, apparently it is generic because it is what the genre is, a 3rd person shooter, apparently a select few games need to be the next Ocarina of Time or they are just complete trash.

All in all is Destiny great, by no means no, is it terrible, no, it is a fun game, but not a must buy. Still better then all the flak its getting.

donthate1584d ago

I bought Titanfall published and it was all it was supposed to me for me. I played it 6 months straight since release and love it (sans the recent problems).

Destiny is a painful reminder of avoid games that don't want reviews early or upon release.

I bought into the hype!

Muzikguy1584d ago

Nothing was wrong with Dead Space 2. That was the last EA game I bought before BF4 which was disappointing. I didn't buy into hype of dead space 3 or any other EA game but I was hoping BF would be different. Especially since it was on the next gen system.

Unfortunately you're right. Most people will keep on throwing money at garbage and wondering why it's garbage. I won't be. Next BF game I won't be getting. I was just checking out the game last night and it looks like hardly anyone plays it now. I don't know if the EA and DICE servers are gone or what, but it looks empty compared to a few months ago. About that Division game, the game itself to me looks like it was downgraded. I feel like I'm looking at a game from gen7 when I watch gameplay. I know others don't think so, but I think it SHOULD look better. I won't be buying that game either. So I agree many will, but I'm not forgetting what those 3 pubelishers have been doing. I DO want a new Rainbow6 game though!

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

I've learned that games are starting to outgrow traditional review formats. The graphics a good, the story/story-telling is bland, the mission structures are monotonous, the multiplayer is nothing we haven't seen before and the classes show little distinction. And it is one of the most fun games I've ever played. The last time a game had me sitting up til 3 in the morning was Demon's Souls. And I just realized that while I'm sitting here typing this I could be playing Destiny right now... later.

venom061585d ago

Titanfall was actually a really good game...

Themba761584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

thats strange because ive played destiny for 30 hours with no sleep. and I haven't done that since diablo 2 (btw im lvl 26) the key is find the right friends to play with and you will get far.

donthate1584d ago

Titanfall was an amazing game. Lately it has been having some problems, but it was and hopefully will continue to be an amazing experience!

I will buy Titanfall 2.

Destiny though, was a wasted $90 because I bought the digital guardian edition.

Oh well, let's not waste time on it.

And for those that enjoy Destiny, more power to you.

Magicite1585d ago

Ive learned that online shooters suck...oh wait, I already knew that.

Burnin1584d ago

wow... that´s deep bro

Back-to-Back1584d ago

Kinda like every final fantasy after 10.

1585d ago
geddesmond1585d ago

I've learned that people buy into the hype way too much instead of making up their own minds about things.

I've also learned that western journalists will give any Xbox exclusive great marks because it's an Xbox exclusive and that when games go Sonys way all the hate starts. We all know if destiny was a X1 exclusive it would be 9s and 10s just like if Titanfall was multiplat it would score 1 or 2 lower than it has all around. Even if you disagree with me or comment back deep down you know the truth but are too much of an xbox fanboy to admit.

I've also learned not to get hyped for a ubisoft games graphics because they won't deliver on that promise.

The only time a western reviewer praises a Sony title is when the game is so good that reviewing it bad will show their very true colours. Uncharted series, GOW3, TLOU. If any reviwer gave those games a 6 we all know it's BS.

user65409481584d ago

No Destiny really wouldn't get those great scores even if an xbox exclusive. It is bland, just like a certain xbox exclusive called RISE that sucked and got mediocre ratings.

TransientDreamer1584d ago

Someone has their "ludicrous conspiracy" hat on today.

Blasphemy1584d ago

If people didn't learn from The Matrix Online they will never learn. Although I give Bungie the benefit of the doubt, cause they never made a bad game before destiny.

conanlifts1584d ago

Or in the case of destiny, play the free beta. If you liked the beta buy the game, if not then don't. Its pretty simple really, personally I do not understand why so many people who played the Beta, went on to buy the game, and complain about it. Its exactly like the beta.

jrshankill1584d ago

I have learnt that this game is overhyped and overrated, and people are trying to justify their purchase.

Also, I have learnt that this game is the hottest 5 topics on n4g xbox one news.. which makes me sad.

Kidmyst1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

I'm waiting to see what happens with Sunset Overdrive, from what I've seen it looks fun but for a short time, alot of free running getting combos with a bit of combat. Us Gamers put out higher and higher expectations of what we expect and devs twist things to make the games sound better and we buy into it feeding our expectations to not get exactly that we feel let down. I bought all 3 of these games and played Titanfall the least, it just didn't get me excited with gameplay and keep me excited. I really hoped it did well for the sake of Respawn, the original COD's were great!

3-4-51583d ago

WTH do you mean "WE" Forbes.

FORBES.....Your not one of us. Stop trying to pretend.

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getrektedmate1585d ago

Titanfall: overhyped. Watch Dogs: OVERHYPED! Destiny: MOAR OVERHYPED!!!

RyujiDanma1584d ago

titan fall is way better than destiny

harv0521585d ago

I don't know, I liked Watch dogs...Yeah repetitive a bit and the story wasn't the best but I still enjoyed it...

That begs the question who really overhypes...Developers, publishers, media outlets? Gaming websites are a big part of this overhyping business IMO, they're the ones reporting on development, and most times, are guilty of selling us a game before it's finished...

Mikefizzled1585d ago

How is it the opposite? Their Metacritics scores go in that order.

geddesmond1585d ago

Us gamers are to blame for overhyping. We all know Watchdogs main attraction was the graphics until they got dowgraded but by then the hype was to high.

We all know Titanfall was overhyped because it was a new IP from the creaters of COD and that it was Xbox exclusive.

We all know Destiny was overhyped because it was the Halo creators new IP.

I for one think all 3 games are good but none of them deserve their metacritic score . Some should be higher while others should be lower. I'll leabve it up to you to know which games I'm talking about because if you played them you know.

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98xpresent1585d ago

Titanfall was the best out of the 3 IMO

martinezjesus19931585d ago

As much as I liked Titanfall i disagree. Destiny is a much better game in my opinion.

martinezjesus19931585d ago

Thank you sir. I see why you believe Titanfall is the best though, one amazing game that is.

Jaqen_Hghar1585d ago

funny way of spelling worst there

RyujiDanma1584d ago

mad cause it wasn't on PS4?

MRMagoo1231584d ago


I can imagine its just because the game sucked (I use past tense because no one is playing it anymore) It sucked on PC and that was the better version.

conanlifts1584d ago

I bet you will be first in line to buy Titanfall 2 when it comes out on PS4. Oh and it would be a line worth joining as titanfall is a great game, with a few minor flaws.

InTheLab1585d ago

Can't agree with that. I'm not a fan of the mp in Destiny but the single player has enough content to get my money's worth.

Titanfall had a solid foundation but there was not enough game there to justify the price and the poor attempt at a Single player was worse than a bad single player.

chrissx1585d ago

All 3 games were well overhyped. These devs need to chill with the overhyping

zeuanimals1585d ago

I fell into the hype train with Watch Dogs but not the others. I just thought back about that 2012 reveal and I was all in :( Plus there was a drought and I wanted a game to play.

As for Titanfall and Destiny, I knew there was something up with them. I knew Titanfall was gonna be fun but I still held my doubts while Destiny looked boring from the first showing. The Alpha and Beta just secured my doubts about the game.

Mr Tretton1585d ago

Devs overhyping is understandable because it works. Gamers should work on seeing through the hype and being more skeptical. Humans in general have a problem with doing that with everything.

Palitera1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

Why? To make less money?

If anything, gamers are paying them for doing more of it.

AC3, Watch Dogs and Destiny both broke sales records for their scams. We support it. Therefore expect MUCH more of it in the future.

Some people really have a fairy tale logic...

ginsunuva1584d ago

You guys hyped them; devs can do whatever they want.

I kept telling people all three games were going to be disappointing but no one believed me and just took away my bubbles.
They were like, "how dares u say something bad about game you never played." I was like, "It's not out, you didn't play it either, but you're praising it."

Palitera1584d ago

Wanna lose another bubble?

Write anything reasonable about Deep Down or The Order...

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user3672721585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

We learn that a small independent startup team like Respawn can score better than juggernauts like Bungie and UBisoft.
I rated Titanfall first, watchdog second, and Destiny to be the worst of the bunch. I think the best FPS so far this year is Wolfenstein..even tough it is not an online shooter. It has the story, pacing, very little repetitiveness, and exciting gameplay that are missing in Destiny.

MasterCornholio1585d ago

"best FPS so far this year is Wolfenstein"


Finally you said something that I can agree with. Wolfenstein was an incredibly fun FPS for me an I enjoyed the story a lot. I wasn't expecting the game to be that good but thankfully machinegames surprised me with this title.

Talking about FPSs I'll stay away from COD because that looks the same as all the other COD and I didn't like the last ones at all.

GamingTruth1585d ago

you mustve agreed with yourself 10 times

dcj05241585d ago

Agreed, wolfenstein is a classic

Muzikguy1585d ago

I'm glad I have a birthday and Xmas coming up, I keep forgetting about this game and need to get it. Should be dropping in price soon I would think

WeAreLegion1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

Small, independent startup? No. Come on. I know you say ridiculous crap a lot, but no.

These are major industry vets with a major publisher behind them and support from Microsoft.

Titanfall is a good game, but Respawn is just as big as the other two.

And rent Wolfenstein, first. These guys are way overhyping it.

user3672721585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

Legion..i am not talking about who the publisher is but Repawn is infact a startup company comprised of some former infinity Ward members but this is their first game as a small independence studio comprised of about 90 emplyees
vice the few hundred, in Bungie's case..500 plus employees.

I think you got confuse with me talking about independence studio vs those small arcade indy style game studios.

And you are wrong about is worth its score and is not just another me too fps.

ginsunuva1584d ago

"small independent startup"

...who were actually Infinity Ward and were industry veterans and are backed by EA.

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