15 Reasons Why Sony And Microsoft Need To Launch PS4/Xbox One Slim

Innovation and technology these days is very transient. It doesn't take an awful while for something new to become obsolete.

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g-nome1500d ago

PS4 is slim enough. Xbox can do with a trim and tuck though.

ramiuk11499d ago

there is one thing i hate about my ps4 design and thatsa the fact that if u need to plug any usb in you kill the entire beauty that the console holds

generalthadeape1499d ago

I think that you are referring to front only USB ports-- if so, I totally agree.

badz1491499d ago

what? so...are you suggesting that they put the USB ports at the back? that would be very inconvenient!

Fullbucket1499d ago

If they were placed on the side, that'd help a lot.

badz1491499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

on the side? that will be more inconvenient as many people put their console, not just the PS4 in a cabinet or something. putting it on the side is a more idiotic choice. not only what ever you put in the USB port will increase the horizontal size of the thing, that would also make the PS4 only be able to stand on 1 side or if you put the USBs on bot sides, you can't make it stand at all!

and for the record, I hate side USB ports on laptops too as they look UGLY! but then I ask myself, "where else to put them that make sense?" so...I have to concede with that one!

XBLSkull1499d ago

PS4 needs a definite overhaul. That dumb slanted face stands out like an eyesore in my entertainment cabinet. It looks like it would be better as a device to hold my door open. Also it makes it not play nice with some USB devices. It's slightly better though than the PS3 with that dumb curved top that you can't stack anything on, the PS4 at least solved that problem. Now just square up the face and make it look like it belongs with other equipment in the entertainment cabinet and not try to be different. PS2 was fine, copy that design. Trying to make it different is like making it into the emo/goth device.

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xer01499d ago

Agreed - The PS4 looks sexy as it is.

The Xbox needs a redesign though. It just looks like a VCR brick, and comes with a power brick to boot.

RyuCloudStrife1499d ago

Ps4 doesnt need to be slim it needs a redesign and 1 more usb port

GeofferyPeterson1500d ago

This is just stupid. What they need to do is release more quality games before anything else.

MrPink20131499d ago

Yes they do. On top of that there really is no need for a slim PS4 right now, it's selling very well. Unless of course the whole point is to make it cheaper to produce and get more profits.

I hate articles like this that take pages to click.

Aquariusgamer1500d ago

Let me guess. All 15 of these reasons are on their own separate page.

Who's gonna be the first to take the dive and report back if that's true or not?

Kurisu1499d ago

Nah. Whatever lies on the other side of that link must be trash with a title like that. I won't give them the satisfaction of an extra hit ;p

user3672721500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

What is the point? The thing sits in the entertainment unit underneath my TV. It is not like a phone or a laptop in which portability is a factor.

Knightshade1499d ago

Not sure why you are getting all the disagrees, but I completely and entirely agree with you. I don't play the box, I play the games. I could care less what this thing looks like. It lives on a shelf in my entertainment system.

n4rc1499d ago

Absolutely.. Function over form for me

I love that its as big as it is.. All that empty space and that big 120mm fan make me feel good about leaving it on all day

dazzrazz1499d ago

For you there might be none for both companies the smaller the console the cheaper the manufacturing process due to smaller and less components

KakashiHotake1500d ago

There already is an Xbox One slim, it's called Ps4.

user3672721499d ago

Can't wait to play Halo MCc, Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon 2 and install all these games on my 4tb external HDD on this new xbox slim you just described.

URNightmare1499d ago

Not very often a comment makes me think of this but you definitely brought it to my mind...

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