Destiny Guide – How to Play like a “Pro”

"When you first start playing Destiny, the game is pretty straight forward with a fairly linear path to follow. You kill enemies, they rarely drop loot, that loot rarely appeals to you and you keep doing this until you beat the game. However, once you hit level 20 or the “soft cap,” the game really starts to open up with more options and things to play around with. While this can be overwhelming for some or even confusing for others, here is a quick guide to knowing the ins and outs of Destiny." - JPS

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urwifeminder1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

Get on game sites and say its amazing you are now a pro. /s only having a laugh so defenders of destiny no need to go all metacritic on me.

gamerfan09091497d ago

I always found it funny to me that Bungie had the opportunity when they went multiplatform to make any game they wanted. Instead they made a scifi FPS shooter that completely regressed everything they accomplished with a superior game like Halo. That's like Mojang stop making games like minecraft to just make another create your world game, but with a few twists. I never got that logic. If they wanted to make a scifi shooter why not just take the lore of halo and just make it an MMO?

N4GDgAPc1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

Great how there are opinions. I hated Halo but like Destiny. So I think Bungie out did themselves.

Don't know why. Tried playing halo and couldn't get into it. I got real board. Truthfully I don't like first person shooters at all but some reason I'm having a blast with Destiny.

I do think Bungie has some new things for Destiny that's going to be great. I look at this as the core game and there going to build on it. Story is alright to me so far. I actually look at this as a 10 year game. I bet the story will really pick up later on.

gamerfan09091497d ago

You hated Halo but like Destiny? In what way? There's not a character in Destiny that has the background or story arch of Master Chief none. And Destiny's lore, from the little we've seen of it, has nothing on Halo. I'm sorry opinions are great, but lets be serious here. Halo balanced PVP, group multiplayer, and Campaign all in one shell. Destiny has one of the worst stories I've seen from the playtime I've put in and the campaign is so repetitive with little character development. Gameplay wise it's on the same level, but multiplayer and campaign wise? Nope.

theDECAY1496d ago

He's right. How can you hate Halo and like Destiny? You're trying to go all hipster on us.

N4GDgAPc1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

Hehe. don't think I'm tring to become hipster. But its just one of those games I tried really hard to get into but couldn't. I was really board. Why its different now I don't know.

I would probably try it again with the HD remastered set but I don't plain on buying a Xboxone at all so far. Lost Odyssey 2 comes out then Microsoft can take my money. All the xboxone exclusives I'm not interested in but quantum break. I really want to play that. Will see if that forces me to buy X1 or not.

Jaqen_Hghar1497d ago

Destiny is pretty much Halo and Borderlands mixed. It has the gameplay of Halo so if you don't like Destiny's gameplay you don't like Halo's. Xbots are such sour grapes lately (multi-console owner of WiiU and PS4).

Einhert1497d ago

Pro at shooting AI that stands still and lets you shoot them in the face?

lol ok

N4GDgAPc1497d ago

I don't know what game you are playing or you are playing on normal because they do not sit there and let you shoot them in the face. Or you sat there and over leveled yourself and made it easier for yourself to get through story even on hard.

Soldierone1497d ago

At the moment, simply equip a shotgun and go around getting easy one shot kills.... lol I just got an exotic shotty that is main weapon slot, mowed down an entire team without even caring.

I'm sure they will eventually tone down the shotty like most games though.