Edge Preview: Guitar Hero IV

Edge writes: "It's already looking like a wrinkly stadium rocker, but it may have enough left to surprise us all.

It's been no great secret that the Guitar Hero series would be 'diversifying'. Or, if you prefer, it's no great secret that it would be 'ripping off' Rock Band. No two ways about it: Guitar Hero can now be played with two guitars, a drum kit and a USB microphone. It has a screen layout that's almost identical to Harmonix's game, a character creation tool, and can be played online.

It's tempting to excoriate the various parties involved simply out of principle. To do so would be wrong because, even though the concept always belonged to Harmonix, GHIV is genuinely surprising in the depth it brings to the party. Alongside the fact that Rock Band wasn't quite perfect (alongside its insulting European price tag) you might wonder whether this competition can only be a good thing."

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