Destiny Proves That Reviewers Need to get rid of Numbered Scores

If Destiny has proven one thing to gamers, it’s that review scores need to disappear. A lot of people love Destiny, but it’s getting an average of approximately 6/10 from many reviewers just a week after launch. With a ’6′ often considered as a ‘bad’ game by the community at large, the numerical rating system is flawed at best, and broken at worst. It needs to stop.

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Artista 1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

I'd love that.. But it'll never happen. The numbers are marketing tools, and more. A lot of gamers base their decisions on these numbers.

aconnellan1494d ago

That's exactly it. A lot of publishers and developers actually rely on review scores, so I really don't see it going away any time soon

venom061494d ago

this is a stupid article.. it's getting low scores because it was WAYYY over hyped and nowhere near what IGN (Activision business partners through the IGN ProLeague) hyped it up to be. 6-7s are pretty accurate

NewMonday1494d ago

Publishers need to give up pre-release game reviews, this had a corrupting effect on the games media, now they feel entitled and superior to the gaming community, and also sell scores to the highest bidders, and "concerne troll" those who don't buy big add deals. Look at how they give Ubisoft games free passes because they are big spenders on website advertising.

aconnellan1494d ago


The article isn't to defend the scores that it's getting (I do mention in passing I don't agree with them, so that's a fair point you raise, but it's not the aim of the article).

The point is how flawed the number system is. It's gotten to the point where so many people think that a 6 or a 7 is a bad game, when it's really not

DigitalAnalog1493d ago

That's all entirely subjective. You can't say whether or not a 7 is a good score for every outlet. Some reviewers may actually put 7 as the "mediocre" range as they probably give out 9's and 10's easily to the majority of the hyped titles.

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badz1491494d ago

seriously, why? just because a single game that was hype to heaven's high is not getting the review numbers people think it would, that means review points that has been used all these long is irrelevant? that is extremely childish and idiotic way of thinking!

what we should get rid of is unqualified reviewers coming out of nowhere, clearly biased, paid reviews, seeking attention for clicks and review games not entirely based on the said games!

for example, if you wanna review Destiny, fine, go ahead. review it as it is, not start questioning "where the hell did this $500mil go?" "why is it unlike other MMO like WoW?" for example or "it is an OK game but overhyped, so 6/10!" etc.

WTF? as a reviewer, you should just say if the game is any good, not start comparing it with what it isn't! Destiny is playing rock solid and it works with many people seem to have no problem spending their time to level to max and Bungie has future plans already laid out for the game/franchise so we can expect more. is it really hard to say something in the line of

"Destiny plays smoothly for an always online game with tacked on gameplay FPS fan can enjoy. but when you've leveled up to the max, which will not take a lot of time to do, there are nothing much else to do aside from the usual MP component as an FPS like PvP but Bungie has made promises of future contents for players to expect so if you have patience, new contents are coming"

so the readers will know about how the game plays what to expect rather than reading about your whining about the game which is totally not right because your preferences are not be the same as others!

it bugs me how so many of these whining reviewers now were the same parties praising BF4 at launch when the game is an utter PoS ridden with bugs and network problems not entirely fixed even after months later! this is the kind of reviews that is polluting this industry, not review scores!

aconnellan1494d ago

It's not just Destiny that a lot of people have thought this with, people have disagreed with this system for a long time. Your last few paragraphs actually agree with what I'm saying - review scores open games up to comparison, people go "Hmm, I hated Call of Duty, and it got an 8/10 on 'x' site, Destiny only got a 6 so I won't get it.

Yet that's not fair because they're two different games that shouldn't be compared.

As I mentioned above, I raise the point that, instead of people reading the words within a review and forming their own opinion on the positive and negative points raised, they read the score. The problem with that is it's gotten to the point where so many people think that a 6-7/10 isn't worth playing.

I do agree with your last point, a lot of reviewers tend to whine about the game, rather than critically analyse it

Jughead34161494d ago

That's why gamers should no longer rely on reviews to make a sound purchasing decision. Most games now receive enough press and gameplay videos pre-launch to give us a good look at what the game is. Sometimes gameplay videos don't tell the whole story, but for the most part, we can get the gist of how the gameplay is. We can sometimes be disappointed by the final graphics or the direction the story went, but we all know what is a good looking game. Do your own research. Get your facts straight. I knew what Destiny was from the beginning. I built my own hype. The game is awesome to me. I hate when I'm not playing.

hello121494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

6/10 from many reviewers just a week after launch.

Lot of people were finishing the game after playing it for 7 hours 9 at most. So i am sure they could review the game after a couple of days. And most of the big reviewers were given a copy way ahead of time before release. That game isn't going to produce new and startling surprises after launch. The game is set in stone about a month before release date.

[email protected] Yes, but the lows scores were for other things that just how the game ran. The build blocks were there to judge the game.

I think Destiny is ok, but nothing special. I'd give it 7/10

aconnellan1494d ago

The servers weren't actually turned on for reviewers ahead of time, so they started playing it at the same time as everyone else.

As for finishing the story after 7-9 hours, that's fair. But the story isn't the only part of the game worth playing, and they're faulting Destiny just for its story (which is, admittedly, unusually absent)

Jughead34161494d ago

OK. I've been playing for around 40 hours so far and don't want to stop. I've hit level 20 and so much is opening up now. Reviews for this game in my opinion aren't reliable. Most reviewers formed an opinion before even experiencing everything. I'd give it an 8/10. Based on the amount of fun I'm having with it, I'd give it a 9.

Einhert1494d ago

Yet you don't really believe that do you?

You feel the need to come on and defend your purchase because you are not really comfortable with your own opinion.

If you really enjoyed the game that much then you would not be on here defending it, you would be comfortable with your own opinion and be able to enjoy it.

Also the logic of reviewers need to play more to get to the meat is a complete farce, you have failed at game design if the first part of the game is not good quality, compelling or enjoyable.

mrpsychoticstalker1494d ago

Lol. Never going to happen. Destiny deserves a 4/10

Codewow1494d ago

No the number scores don't need to go away. Reviews just need to take place over the course of a longer period of time. If they don't, they should be labeled as First-impressions.

tattooart831494d ago

No they don't. They need to keep them so that i dont end up buying shitty games like destiny. The majority of the time i find reviews to be pretty spot on. The hype sold that game and thats it. Its bungie

Xi_Unborn_iX1494d ago

where were you people when cod ghost got an 8 and 8.5 like watch dogs? and not to mention assassins creed black flag with its great story? oh but destiny is shitty

tattooart831494d ago

What do u mean u people........ that's racist. J/k. They all are lame so who cares

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