New Dissidia: FF scans: Development at 50%

Three new scans of Dissidia: Final Fantasy from this week's Famitsu issue have surfaced online. The second scan features a lot of new gameplay screenshots, while the third one features an interview with Nomura that says development reached 50%.

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Darkiewonder3864d ago

what has the team been doing all that time? O.o

Dir_en_grey3863d ago

One important thing didn't pick up, was that it says on the scan the release date is supposed to be 2008.

Lord_Ash3864d ago

All this time and it's still %50, it's supposed to be releases last November, when they told us that the game needs a "little" more time I thought maybe %70-%80 not below %50.

Good luck seeing it outside of Japan this year.

ChrisGTR13864d ago

wow 50%? after all that time. i guess we really wont see this till 2010

Elginer3864d ago

that's it's this game was announced ages ago and only 50%. This crap doesn't bode well for how far along FFXIII is, and I don't like that.