Grand Theft Auto V Cheapest PS4/XO Pre-Order £38.99

Dealspwn writes: With the original PS3/360 version available for around £20, re-releasing the PS4/XO version at full price+ seems a bit cheeky to be honest. Most retailers have pre-orders around £45-£48, but this site will send you a copy for £38.99, making it comfortably the best pre-order price around ahead of the November 18th release date. Expect better visuals, extra radio material and extra traffic on the roads (because that'll be fun). At full price, you should only be considering this if you didn't play the original. It's worth noting that other new-gen remasters like The Last of Us and Metro Redux appeared not long after launch for around £25 in numerous online sales.

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gamerfan09091496d ago

I loved GTA V and it was my game of the year of last year, but unless they add in DLC on the same par as Gay Tony and the Lost and the Dammed, I can't justify buying this game again for xb1. I loved the campaign, but it's not a campaign that justifies multiple playthroughs. I got my fix the first time. I'd much rather them simply release a double disc game extension pack in the line of what they did with GTA 4's gay tony and lost and the dammed with an original story for about 30 bucks. Better graphics are not a justifiable reason to buy something you already beat a year ago again.

Gravity_DoGG1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

Of course there will be DLC? LOL. and its safe to say that it will be better than TBoGT & TLaD..

GTA V for PS4 - Xb1 - PC will have over 100 new songs. New animals. better draw distance. New vehicles, new weapons,+ much more ready to go! probably some extra missions/side missions/ secret missions. There is going to be a lot of new things I can ensure you!

Can't wait to continue my search for the truth!!

UltraNova1496d ago

Full price is not acceptable even if stopped half-way through the story (on my ps3)just to get the next gen version. I'll get it used for half the price after 2 months.

I'm sorry R* you deserve it.

sizeofyou1496d ago

Just 'Agree' with you...but DON'T...fl!pp!n touch screen phones. But each to their own - wouldn't have hit 'Disagree' either...

spacedelete1496d ago

theres plenty of upgrades to next gen GTA V stop spouting ignorance. Rockstar themselves have explained the differences and features yet you still think its the same game with nothing changed. if you really didn't care about the next gen version then you wouldn't have commented as commenting means you do care a lot.

gamerfan09091496d ago

One more thing. Am I the only one that sees these remasters as a way to completely exploit the consumer cause of the lack of backwards compatibility in these systems? I mean to charge people twice for a game and the only thing you're upgrading is the graphics is ludicrous. The only remasters that I've seen that make sense is the Metro Remaster and the MCC. Those two remasters actually give you a crap ton of content for your money and not just give you one game with prettier graphics for 60 bucks.

Gravity_DoGG1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

It's not 60 bucks.. and yes your are the only one who think GTA V on PS4 - Xb1 - PC isn't welcome.

Also the 80 millions PS3s and 80 millions 360s could prove me wrong.. But I have a feeling that the DLC will be for Current gen only..

And by current gen i mean the ones who have upgraded there ps3 & 360..

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spacedelete1496d ago

i think at the very least they could have thrown in GTA4 with its expansions as well as GTAV. as much as i don't like Halo they are giving for games each from different gens.

MTL211496d ago

Out of topic ** what happened to the Midnight Club franchise ? We need a new street racing game like Midnight Club LA asap !! This game was great , the driving was awesome. Gaming industries should start thinking about maybe bringing back the street racing era of the good old need for speed and MC.

Einhert1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

No upgrade option available?

If not that is a slimy move R*

Seems to have been the trend for this transition to the new gen this year, new gen remakes.

It is sad though when they are the best games but the start of generations have always been rough. There will be great system selling games but when? and who will have them?

ArtificiallyYours1496d ago

Backwards compatibility, these systems do not have. :U

Why are people so dismissive over convenience?

ArtificiallyYours1496d ago

Also you're hurt in the ass over my response, how droll.