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"Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U are without a doubt among the biggest games to release in 2014. With the Nintendo 3DS version landing in Japan this past weekend and a Western release only 3 weeks away, Nintendo slid a tasty treat across to its fans – a demo of the upcoming 3DS Smash. With the main course not far away, I sat down and exhausted myself on this tasty morsel to bring you this field report.
Having played each of the previous Super Smash Bros games, each for hundreds of hours I was always cautious about moving to a handheld experience, with the smaller controls potentially making quick combos and precise control a chore, but in reality this is anything but true. Little tweaks to established controls take a short period of time to adjust to but even though I was immediately trust into the action but the changed controls did little to influence the result – a comprehensive victory."

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