Helping You To Decide Between Xbox One And PlayStation 4

Gaming Worm Says:
So you may got you hands already on Playstation 4 or Xbox One, but for those who are still holing one reason or another just like me.

So we are showing 5 reasons to decide between XBox One and Ps4.

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Serrafina1494d ago

I liked the information about size and image resolution difference in the article.

XBLSkull1494d ago

Do you want a next Gen experience or a last Gen experience with updated hardware?

TheWatercooler1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

I know you are just a troll but how exactly is the Xbone a next gen experience and the PS4 isn't?

There hardware components and architecture are very similar. Just that the PS4 has a superior graphics card and superior ram. Everything else is software. What ever the Xbone can do the PS4 can potentially do it better.

Ever since the consoles have been released Microsoft have done everything they can to make the Xbone the same as the PS4. From Price to policies to removing Kinnect. Now the Bone is just a poor imitation.

Why would anyone want a poor imitation when they can have the real thing?

Magicite1494d ago

I want lots of exclusives, unfortunately thats something X1 cant offer.

GarrusVakarian1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

Let me guess, you're talking about Kinect, right?

Bwahaha. Even MS has zero confidence in Kinect. Take away that from the package and what do you have? A weaker PS4. Have fun deluding yourself into thinking that controlling your dashboard with your voice = next-gen.

On topic: Whynothaveboth?.gif

hello121494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

Watercooler' I'm fairly certain the PS4 can't run background stuff at the same time. With x box 1 you play a game and use the internet at the same time or watching a video on twitch or do something else. The console allows you multitask and you don't have to shut down one thing to reach the other thing.

Microsoft will be first to show off the first cloud powered game on console. Sony hasn't the infrastructure in place to do the same thing. So just like x box live, Microsoft will be ahead of Sony with this too.

Microsoft has HDMI out can use your tv or pc while you game on x box 1.

Other than that both consoles are not that different from each other.

ABizzel11494d ago

Both are good consoles, my advice is if you plan on getting an XBO get it during one of these promotions. If you have a MS store around you call and ask are they still doing the trade in Promotion (7/14/2014 - 12/31/14 but store can change dates).

Trade in your 360 (or PS3, but I don't recommend this with PS+), and save $100 off the XBO. Making it $299 w/o Kinect, and $399 w. Kinect.

They also have the current promotion of buy an XBO or XBO bundle, get 1 game free, and a $50 gift card / XBL points.

So if you combine both promotions you're getting:

$299 XBO bundle + 1 game + $50 gift card / XBL points. (Wii U price)
$399 XBO Kinect bundle + 1 game + $50 gift card / XBL points.

Both are great deals IMO

However, if you can't take advantage of the promotion in the MS store than I advise you to wait until Black Friday and see what sale comes, and if nothing just ask for a gift to your local store that sales the XBO, because if sales of the console aren't up consistently Jan - February, then the XBO is going to get a real price drop in March (tax season), and you should be able to buy a bundle for $329 - $349.

1. MS Store promotions, get it now
2. Wait until Black Friday
3. Wait until March - April for a real price drop

The PS4; however, you can get anytime. It's not going to have a price drop, because it's selling so well so you're just going to have to get it at $399 (although rarely I've seen $379). Wait until Black Friday if you can for a bundle, other than that it's not going down, until possibly holiday 2015.

poor_cus_of_games1494d ago

@knws actually the ps4 can multi task. If you're playing a game and decide to watch something on Netflix or browse the Internet you can cus it suspends your game.

xHeavYx1494d ago

Who the hell plays a video game while watching tv, while checking the internet while doing something else?
You'll end up like this
Besides, it takes the same time to pull up my phone or remote controller than it takes for Kinect to understand what you are saying

Yetter1494d ago

@thewatercooler Does the PS4 turn on your TV when you want to use it? Does it suspend/resume games? Will it give you a notification when your multiplayer game is ready to play? How bout threaded messages? DLNA support? Can you adjust your TV volume on you PS? Can you plug in an ext HD and run your games off of it?

The games look great on both consoles but it is the plethora of extra features that xboxone brings to the table that make it feel like a nextgen console to me

xHeavYx1494d ago

Again, most of those things can be dobe with a remote controller

HanzoHattori1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )


"I'm fairly certain the PS4 can't run background stuff at the same time."

You're wrong. While a game is running, I can hit the "PS Button" and look at live PS4 streams. While i'm looking at streams, the game is still running in the background. Once i'm done watching a stream, checking out Amazon, or watching Crackle, all I have to do is hit the "PS Button" again, close the App I was running, select my game, and i'm back in the game, right where I left off.

I'm certain of one thing, you don't know what you're talking about.


"Does the PS4 turn on your TV when you want to use it? Does it suspend/resume games?"

Yes the PS4 can power a HDTV on/off when HDMI control is enabled from the settings menu.

What exactly is the use of having suspend/resume when you can pause a game? I'd say that's a useless function, like voice commands.

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Fatal-Aim1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

yeah, the author is a true moron. he barely understands these two systems himself, it seem. yet he tries to validate his reasons on complete obvious points. that's like looking at a blue sky and telling everyone its blue. what about everything else?

....and please. like i've said many times before, the DualShock 4 completely annihilates the XB1 controller TECHNICALLY. this isn't even a contest. but all he points out is a dang Tpad. like really?

comfort is a complete opinion and one that is obviously ruled out by the many individuals who has used both of the controllers. so i find his points holding very little substance when giving a reliable comparison for others to go off.

no_more_heroes1494d ago

My PS4 arrives Wednesday. Now working on getting an XB1.

Grave1494d ago

One of the easiest decisions of my gaming career: PS4.

DeadRabbits1494d ago

Career! LOL

M$ made the decision for us all! Get a Ps4!

Balsanoid1494d ago

I love how this gaming site has an image of the XB1 standing up after Microsoft came out saying DON'T STAND IT UP. lol

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