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GC- "I was pretty bored of the Destiny beta, I thought the full game will offer more content, will be more diverse, and I waited. Bad idea."

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SamPao1585d ago

Ah damn wanted to agree...sry

A boring site it seems

pornflakes1585d ago

Come on, this game deserves really better reviews than 6-7

I would give destiny 8.5... it makes really fun to play. PPL are forgetting that the 500 mill. are set for a 10 years support.

Would it be better to be epic after 20 hours of gaming?? Ridiculous

Monstar1585d ago

For most the only fun factor is co-op with your buddies, which is natural with shooters..but that won't last. Destiny has a horrid story, unlikeable characters, repetitive/dull missions and just lifeless open terrain you cant even explore properly. Its not a 8.5 game for the majority if you consider the whole package...a 6 is fair. To me the game is like Halo but WORSE..nothing in destiny stands out...NOTHING.

sergons1585d ago

dumbfcukers like you are milking cows for company's like ea acti

Einhert1584d ago

- a very loose disjointed story
- Cheesy Dialogue
- Bad narrative
- Bad voice Acting
- repetitive enemies
- Complete Lack of content
- Bad loot system with very little variety in loot
- Closed off spaces
- MP based around OP supers and vehicles

Deserves better? lol ok

That comment should read "Because it cost me £50 I believe it is good"

angelsx1585d ago

This game should be at least open fps 40-60fps. on current gen consoles.

carreirabr1585d ago

Not with the lovelly "parity" clausule.

titans99991585d ago

On line only...? No 3rd person...? No single players quests...? Not giving my money away to this stupid and wayyyyy overhyped game!