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"It seems like ancient history now, but you may recall that Nintendo introduced Wii U as a system designed to appeal to both casual and dedicated players alike. One of its first moves in wooing the core player was to resurrect Bayonetta 2 - a game that was all but cancelled before Nintendo moved in to save the day. Calling to mind the Capcom 5 announcements for GameCube, the Mario maker commissioned Platinum Games to develop two new titles for its fledgling system: The Wonderful 101 released on Wii U last year, while Bayonetta 2 arrives next month, continuing the system's positive momentum that began with Mario Kart 8 and gathered pace thanks to a strong showing at E3. While Nintendo's own titles have a universal appeal for all players, Platinum's latest release is something very different, coming across very much like a love letter to the core gamer."

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Takwin1548d ago

This game will be amazing. There is not another game like it out this year and very few out like it any year, if any at all.

This is a gamer's game for sure.

The Wii U is well on its way to a respectable and eventually profitable second place.

Next time, all we ask for Nintendo is a system equal to the Xbox in terms of power. Imagine all the Nintendo exclusives plus all the multiplats played at the same level as the Xbox.

MasterCornholio1548d ago

A Nintendo console that's on par hardwarewise with its competitors?

That would actually be kind of cool. Hopefully Nintendo learns from the Wii U and makes their next system a lot more powerful.


And don't tell me that having more powerful hardware = inferior games because we all know that Nintendo makes very good games regardless of how strong or weak the hardware is.

herbs1548d ago

The performance and lack of filtering is a little disappointing however at least the framerate stays pretty consistent, even with the dips its not irratic which would be more noticeable. There is also a possibility of a day one optimization patch to alleviate the pacing further. Some games don't benefit that much from AA or AF Nintendo has developed a very nice soft lighting engine that makes the jaggies less noticeable in MarioKart 8 while still retaining a crisp sharp look.

frezhblunts1548d ago

Crazy how nintendo can show you that you don't need the most powerful hardware to hit great graphical numbers. Still i played bayo on 360 and ps3, it is wayyyy better on ps3 in my opinion plus the new bayo seems so much smoother. lol maybe it just looks smoother to the untrained eye?

Venox20081548d ago

What are you smoking mate, on ps3 bayo is no good at all.. I have both versions.. even ps3 patch didnt fix all the problems

N4g_null1548d ago

No screen tearing! Look at all that crap going on and some how it stays responsive.

Concertoine1548d ago

Wii U has v-sync enabled on most (if not every) game so theres no screen tear. Personally i would prefer some screen tear to framerate issues just because im a lot less perceptive of screen tear but since TW101 had issues i never noticed im sure it wont be a big deal. The only time TW101 really hit me with noticeable frame lag was the end, which was totally worth it :P

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Gamer4life8881548d ago

Dips below 30 fps... welp That's really really disappointing. They can do better then 360, surely...

Blacklash931548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

It only did that in one or two instances for a split second. The average is about 45 or above 50, depending on what's happening on-screen.

But yeah, it is kind of disappointing. This performance is a bit worse than the original, which also had an unlocked framerate. I guess that was the sacrifice they made for improving the visuals, backgrounds, and climax features.

ABizzel11548d ago

That framerate was all over the place. I didn't see anything below 30, but I skimmed through the vids.

Average seems to be:

Heavy Action / Set Pieces: 38 - 45 fps
Normal Action / Regular Scenes: 48 - 60 (jumping all over the place)

It's a buy regardless, but that's a bit disappointing to see. I really want to see the original compared to the PS360, but in no way will it ever be a fair comparison with all the variables such as the PS360 versions being years old, the PS3 version being a shanty Sega port, and we don't know how long the Wii U version was in development.

The scene with the pool (1:00 mark) is the footage I've been looking for while to find, to show off this game graphically. It's not PS4 / XBO quality, but it still looks amazing at time considering the hardware.

ape0071548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

game lookes excellent don't get me wrong but framrate drops, no AA and stuff, the game would've been much better on ps4/X1, imagine that, bayo 2 built on nextgen, it will sell more also

Vegamyster1548d ago

The game wouldn't even exist without Nintendo so it would not have sold anything on the PS4/X1 lol.

ape0071548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

i know that, that's why i said "the game would've been"

edit @below, just imagination, im just imagining a great game on greater console, anything worng with that?..... damn why are u people so sensitive???

Vegamyster1548d ago

Then why bother bringing up those two systems?

MasterCornholio1548d ago

Your actually both right.

The game wouldnt exist without Nintendo and the game could play better on the XB1/PS4 plus releasing across three platforms could have increased sales.

But the first point is the more important one because without Nintendo there would be no game in the first place.

Vegamyster1548d ago

I'm not being "sensitive" lol, I don't see the point bringing up graphics/sales with a exclusive that hasn't even been released yet. What about all the exclusives last gen that struggled with 30 fps? Did you ever wish they were on the PC?

tlougotg1548d ago

Bayo 1 sold barely one million between 80million install base on eachplatform. MMicrosoft/Sony fans didn't care for it and I doubt the majority do now, still solid title for Nintendo.

ABizzel11548d ago


If you're going to post numbers than at least post facts.

Bayonetta 2 came out in 2009 Japan and 2010 WW. By the end of March 2010 it went on to sale 1.35 million copies, and during that time the install base of the PS3 was 36 million and the 360 was 40 million.

The game ended up selling just over 2 million copies worldwide and is still Platinum Games best selling game.

The part where they messed up and continue to mess up is that they refuse to realize where the fanbase for the kind of games they make exist....PLAYSTATION. PlayStation is founded on several great Hack'n'Slash such as Devil May Cry (which they co-created back at Capcom), God of War both of which have been great sellers on the PlayStation brand.

In nearly every situation where a hack'n'slash is made for both PlayStation and Xbox, the PlayStation versions almost always outsells it. Yet they focused on making Bayonetta the best on Xbox 360 and left Sega to make a shanty port for the PS3. Bayonetta's writing and game design (not gameplay) are off putting enough for a lot of people (A witch who is 120% sexual innuendo), so then you give the biggest consumer of hack'n'slash the worse version then don't expect your game to sell well. Pure and simple.

I don't blame them in the case of Bayonetta 2, The Wonderful 101, and Scalebound, because Nintendo and MS are paying for these games. However, they hurt the sales of their games by prioritizing Xbox, and then not promoting them, out of all the those games the only ones I remember commercials for are Metal Gear, MadWorld, and The Wonderful 101.

1. Bayonetta: 2m (1.2m on PS3)
2. Metal Gear Rising: 2m (1.5m on PS3)
3. Vanquish: 1m (600k on PS3)
4. MadWorld: 800k
5. Anarchy Reigns: 350k (200k on PS3)
6. The Wonderful 101: 300k
7. Infinite Space: 200k

Regardless I'm getting it on my Wii U Day 1.

Concertoine1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )


To be fair you can kind of find a reason for almost every one of those games, and Vanquish was actually built on PS3 and ported to 360. Bayonetta was one of those games that began development when the PS3 was looking grim and was hard to develop for and Madworld was made as part of Sega's mature Wii games push. The only one that doesnt make sense is MGR which i believe runs better on 360 even though its obviously a popular PS franchise.

Sony should fund a game with them.

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Theyellowflash301548d ago

How do you know the game would sell a lot more on the PS4 and Xbox One?

The game didn't sell enough on the Xbox 360, which had the superior port to the PS3. Less than 1 million sold.

MasterCornholio1548d ago

Didn't it sell more on the PS3 despite it being the inferior version?

Anyways over all total sales of the first one between the 360 and PS3 were about 1,8 million units. Hopefully it will sell better on the Wii U because these developers deserve it.

frezhblunts1548d ago

Are people super ignorant? Wii u is next gen and will be here for a while. Obv you want to play nintendos games so get one. I have both wii u and ps4, and some games on my wii u hit the numbers everyone wants but no one picks on the ps4 games that don't hit 60fps or 1080p native

for we are many1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Digital Foundry strikes again, notice how they word everything in that article to make the game look bad before its release as they did with their MK8 "analysis", compare that to how they get out of their way to cover all the shortcomings in almost every big budget overhyped game, you should know better not to fall into that.

From everything I saw from the previews and LIVE gameplay demonstration, the game looks silky smooth with so many things happening at once all the time.

Don't believe me? check for yourself:

deafdani1547d ago

Yeah, it didn't sound like they were trying to make the game look bad at all to me. Digital Foundry is hyper-sensitive about framerate and performance, much more than any normal gamer, and they should because it's their job.

You're being way too defensive.

Realplaya1548d ago

imagine that, bayo 2 built on nextgen

Excuse me it is.

Big_Game_Hunters1548d ago

actually the game would be much better if on PC, as would every console exclusive.

Ol_G1547d ago

It got nothing to do with sensitive and everything with the bitching that's going on from the announcement till now almost 2 years later after a while it starts to become sickening and everytime someone makes a remark like this it's one too many

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TongkatAli1548d ago

Framerate drops galore, but this is ok because it's Nintendo.

You know if this was on the PS4 and Xone with framerate drops the smug comments wouldn't stop, the "it's still going to be a good game" wouldn't slide with you guys, you the Nintendo fans are such perfectionists with your epic storylines of Mario and Peach, puhuhuhuhuhu.

Metallox1548d ago

You don't stop generalizing the behavior of Nintendo players.

Realplaya1548d ago

@ TongkatAli Hey Nintendo bought Platinum?

Also why does your comment make no sense you try to be funny but your really bad at it.

Ck1x1548d ago

The PS4 and XbOne have games out right now that drop frames as well.

marloc_x1548d ago

I would retort, it is not Nintendo fans throwing poop on these forums..

weekev151547d ago

Sorry but Nintendo games tend to run at 60fps consistently (or 59 in Mario Kart 8s case)

Everyone knows Nintendo games are made for having fun with, not an epic storyline.

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AsheXII1548d ago

Disappointing performance over a game that has - according to DF- ps2 level of backgrounds, no AA and it runs at 720p.

Theyellowflash301548d ago

Exactly where did they say there is PS2 level of backgrounds?

They said the devs took the times to makes the background detailed and it might have affected the performance of the game.

frezhblunts1548d ago

Ashe must be on something where does it say that?

deafdani1547d ago

You need to go back to school, if you're not there still. Gotta work up those reading comprehension skills.


TripC501547d ago

Go play your polished turd Destiny.

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