Guitar Hero: World Tour - A waste of everyone's time?

In the first article of a new series were are giving users the chance to voice their opinion, Jon Wills explains why he feels Activision are going one step too far with Guitar Hero: World Tour.

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Snoozer2823827d ago

How much space do they think we have in our houses.

Syko3827d ago

On top of that, how much $hit did they talk about Rock Band until it kicked their ass.

wotta3827d ago

And what are the chances of Rock Band 2 coming with a new drum?

mithril3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

GH3 have no guitar compatibility with my RB guitar on my PS3. Harmonix announces a patch and Activision say no for patch.

probably the drum is not compatible with RockBand. I don't want 3 drum's in my house (RB,GH, and real one)

I say no to Guitar Hero that's it.

I know GH is a good game, but it's a space choice for me.

Rusted3827d ago

i don't know if is just me, but I CAN'T STAND this type of games. Nothing like a real guitar, with the money you spent in all this you can take classes of piano, drumming and guitar, meh.

Nevers3827d ago

After getting GH2, GH3, and RB I don't have the space to accomodate more instruments no matter what they add/change let alone the money to keep on buying fake plastic instruments. If the tracks are good enough I'll buy it for the tunes to play on guitar... but I'll proly "used" cuz I'll have enough to play and GH3 was so disappointing Activision needs to prove themselves to me.

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