Microsoft Studio Lead on Making Gears of War an Xbox Exclusive, Power of Unreal Engine 4

Heading Microsoft’s Black Tusk Studios, Rod Fergusson spoke of the team’s advantages and challenges in making the next Gears title.

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TheNew11585d ago

Man...I can't wait until with get some in-game screenshots.

d_g1585d ago

i hope so but Unfortunately we have to Wait To 2015

ABizzel11585d ago

2015 reveal, 2016 release most likely. Hopefully March 2016, although that seems like a set-up for Gears vs. God of War.

FITgamer1585d ago

I hope they do this franchise justice. I will buy an Xbx One a for good Gears game.

lelo2play1585d ago

I'm actually curious to see what comes out of the new Gears of War.

Foehammer1585d ago

Interested to read about how they were understaffed at Epic. And yet they produced an outstanding franchise. Looking forward to seeing the fruits of this reinvigorated team now that they have access to more resources.

Ausbo1585d ago

I'm surprised a franchise like gears wouldn't have been allowed more resources at epic. It was thier biggest game

Foehammer1585d ago

I suspect the reason might have to do with the other games being on multiple platforms.

Flamingweazel1585d ago

EPIC makes way more off there engine then games.

skulz71585d ago

Sometimes less workers produce better games as there is more communication between everyone,and it is a more coordinated workplace.

donthate1585d ago

It is about efficient resource usage and MS is a monster in the software industry for just that.

Seen the fast and furious development and release schedule for Xbox One updates?

I don't know of anyone else that moves that quickly on any other device by another company, and certainly NOT on consoles.

dreamed1583d ago

Yeah i agree with that,from what ive read rainbow 6 seige has a small dev team,and im hoping for it to be a return to roots instead of trying to be the next cod...

But this is ubi/clancy im talking about,and imo the last game under those names worth playing was splinter cell chaos theory...omg the vs was/is the best game ever made imo.

Rhythmattic1585d ago

This is gonna be good.

All stops removed.... big biG BIG.

Demoa1585d ago

This is the game i'm waiting for.

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The story is too old to be commented.