Best Buy Weekly Deals for September 14th

Best Buy's weekly deals for September 14 are now live.

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ABizzel11585d ago

If you buy a lot of games, then Best Buy is by far the best place to shop for gamers. The Gamers Club Unlocked benefits are just too much to pass up. $10 reward coupon for every pre-order, 20% off all new games alone is too much. Then all the other little benefits just make it a no brainer.

It's getting pass that $120 asking price hurdle that's the problem. Thankfully I got mine when it was $60.

mr2331585d ago

I totally agree. Although the $10 reward is for select games. I got my two years of Gamer Club unlocked for $20. Got a coupon in the mail for it after we bought a washer and dryer.
So far I saved a ton of money on games. Can't beat $48 for new games. And the rewards stack so fast I rarely pay the $48.

famoussasjohn1585d ago

Yep, it's definitely a great deal. I share it with friends, they benefit with $12 off a new game, I get the rewards points :P. I'd give them the $10 coupon though if they pre-ordered a game that I didn't. I luckily was in the program before the made the change so I got about 6 months of the newer program for $15, and then got a coupon to get it for $30 for another 2 years.

DirtyLary1585d ago

Ya if you commit to that price, youre in it for alot of games to make a profit.

MAULxx1585d ago

I just can't get over the $120 fee. That's two games right there I could buy. Plus, I'd be locked into buying only from BB. There's deals to be had elsewhere.
If you buy tons of new games then it might be worth it.

mr2331585d ago

If you buy 10 games within 2 years, you break even. Beyond that you are saving money.

KingTrash1585d ago

It has been on sale for $60 for a long time. At $60, it's a great deal. That plus the preorder deals make BB the best place to buy games. I have a friend who waits for games to drop in price before he buys. I try to tell him that he could be getting new releases for $38 at Best Buy. You get the the 20% discount which is $12 plus the $10 in rewards for preordering. You can't beat that.

MAULxx1585d ago

Sixty bucks is a better deal but it would still take you six purchases to break even? Why not just buy the games a week after release for $50?

ABizzel11585d ago

Because rarely is a game $50 a week after release, most of the time it takes at least a month.

Meanwhile you can get them for $48 Day 1, a good chance of a $10 reward coupon, and build up your Reward Points 2x as fast for that $5 coupon.

If you buy a lot of games each year then it's a no brainer. I have a PS4, XBO, Wii U, PC, 3DS, and Vita. It's a godsend for my collection.

TXIDarkAvenger1585d ago

Super Mario 3D Land doesn't have a price in the article.