PS Russia's Ad Takes Dig At Xbox One Launch, Show Two Consoles Which Will Define Industry's Future

The launch of Microsoft's Xbox One is just few weeks away, and to counter it PlayStation Russia have come up with interesting PlayStation 4 poster Ad which carries a message (translated): "Only Two Consoles Define The Future Of Video Game World".

Now, don't even think that this is a good sportsmanship from Sony and they are welcoming Xbox One in Russia

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moegooner881585d ago

Why does everyone forget about the Wii U,seriously lol.

DanteVFenris6661585d ago

Because it wasn't called wii wii, after that all hope was lost. Casuals bought it, casuals don't don't know games advance in tech, they are probably still playing their wii. But calling it wii wii or wii2 would have been less confusing for those non gamers. And real gamers don't want to buy it yet because 1:no metroid or Zelda yet 2. No third party support which will kill Nintendo. So sad I do plan to eventually by the console thougj

conanlifts1584d ago

I had one, it was great and then it died on me after 20 months. The first console I have ever owned (owned almost all of them) that has died on me and it was a Nintendo console ( they never die).

OllieBoy1585d ago

Pile it on, Sony. You deserve it and we all know MS deserves it as well.

Spotie1585d ago

"We" refers to everyone in the gaming world who isn't an Xbox fanboy.

I guess you're not included in that one.

On topic, I laughed. At first, I thought it might be the Vita. Then I thought, for an extra snub, they might even acknowledge the Wii U. To be two PS4s was unexpected.

n4rc1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

Ahh.. The height of arrogance..

Good sad little person lol

But to help you out.. In this case, "we" refers to NOBODY in the gaming industry, besides Sony fanboys that is

DigitalRaptor1585d ago

Well if you don't think Microsoft deserves all the negative attention they get, or the digs like this that Sony is taking, then you're probably an apologist or a fanboy.

What Microsoft tried to force on the industry, and what they wanted from consumers is enough to justify any negative attention their brand is on the receiving end of, since it has all stemmed from that corporation. Nothing else can be attributed to it.

donthate1585d ago

Ironically, that is what brought on the PS3 from PS2.

Just sayin....

SamPao1585d ago

Im a ps fan but this ad is really boring.
Try harder sonyrussia

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