Firefox 3: Usefull Add-Ons With the recent release of Firefox 3, some people may be wondering what Add-Ons that they might want to get. We go over several very useful Add-Ons for Firefox 3.

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G1TR4P3D3868d ago

no ad block plus? lol. crap list.

riksweeney3868d ago

Who the hell approved this? The list is a load of rubbish.

No AdBlock
No Flashblock

Ironically, the author recommends the Google Toolbar for its spell checking ability and has an article loaded with spelling mistakes.

SiLeNt KNighT3867d ago

haha, exactly. i have no idea how this got approved. i could go to the firefox add on page, close my eyes and randomly pick better addons than this guy.

Ji3867d ago

Thats so lol they don't mention Ad-block, cause their site has ads, and they think they are well known now.

SiLeNt KNighT3867d ago

I posted this in another thread but i suppose it fits better here so ill post it again. Heres my pick of the best...

-'Adblock Plus' - Blocks random ads on pages

-'Adblock Filterset.G' - has referenced images to auto block

-'Better Gmail 2'- Makes gmail look soooo much better and gives more options

-'CS Lite'- Cookie blocker until you allow it

-'Download Helper' - Makes it easy to DL videos on youtube and other such sites

-'Gmail Space' - Allows you to use unused space in gmail to store files

-'Link Alert' - Puts an image on your arrow letting you know what type of link you are clicking

-'Toolbar Buttons' - One of my favorites. adds wayy more quicklink buttons to the firefox toolbar

-'No Script' Blocks Script until you allow it

NO web browser could compete with these addons. these make web browsing and life sooo much easier! before i had my logitech mx revolution mouse 'Yet Another Smooth Scrolling' was AWESOME too!!