Why the New 3DS is not the handheld we need

Heather from Save/Continue discusses her apprehensions and problems with the upcoming 3DS. She says,

"Poor clarity is going to affect their relationship with the community; when a person doesn’t understand why they have to shell out their hard earned cash, they simply will not. The New 3DS is likely to do the same, making people invest in a glorified upgrade for bespoke games which might or might not need the newer hardware just to be slightly more sparkly."

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wonderfulmonkeyman1497d ago

The New 3DS is being marketed more towards the core market than the casual, IMO, and the core is always going to do its research and know whether or not the games on a system are ones they'll want.

Like I said in the previous thread, the question and answer are both simple.
Do you like the games and exclusive features you're seeing on it, and is the price being around the same as the old units a good thing that you can comfortably manage to save up for between now and its release date in 2015?

If yes, nab it.
If no, stick with the old units; they'll still be supported for a while yet.