7 Games Coming Next Year That You Should Be Excited About

PS4Home: "Here’s a detailed list of some of the games coming next year (early 2015) that you should definitely be excited about."

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1495d ago
guyman1495d ago

2 resident evils? what a joke considering games like Halo 5, Quantum break, uncharted 4, bloodborne, batman arkham knight, tom clancy's the division are coming out next year too - which are 6 games that already look light years better than anything on that list besides the Witcher 3.

Gamer4life8881495d ago

The lack of Bloodborne is rather disturbing

geddesmond1494d ago

Apparently the writer never heard of Bloodborne then because as much as I think The Witcher 3 and the order 1886 look like amazing games if I was given a choice of bloodborne for free or all games together in that list for free I would choose Bloodborne.

masterfox1494d ago

the only games worth on that list is The Order 1886 and the witcher 3.

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