Free PS4 DriveClub Taster Will Come in Addition to Usual PlayStation Plus Allocation

Push Square: "You may have a few concerns with the quality of PlayStation Plus right now, but Sony’s aiming to shepherd you into the holiday season in style this October, with a bumper update for subscribers – including the hotly anticipated DriveClub PS Plus Edition sampler. While this doesn’t represent the full game, developer Evolution Studios has promised in the past that you’ll get a sizeable chunk of content – and it won’t be taking up one of the free game slots for the month, either."

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admiralvic1495d ago

I assumed as much. Sony said there would be two games swapped out each month and said that DriveClub would last for a while (I recall people saying a year), so obviously they can't swap two a month with DriveClub counting as one and they couldn't announce DriveClub PS Plus addition (and make it for that matter) without it being a long term freebie, so this makes the most sense.

nicksetzer11495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

yea, same, wouldn't expect a demo to replace the games for the month. Same as forza horizon's demo didn't keep GWG from their free titles.

lelo2play1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

So Sony lied their a**e off when they said the would be offering DriveClub free to PS+ subscribers when the PS4 was presented.
They are basically offering a extended demo, but a demo nevertheless.

Honestly Sony is getting it easy this console gen, by fanboys and so called gaming "journalists". If it was Microsoft that did this...

Jaqen_Hghar1495d ago

Looking forward to a free driveclub version what great value PS+ provides!

AgentSmithPS41495d ago

A Smith looks forward to this game, even if it was only to look at the scenery.

Jaqen_Hghar1494d ago

but Smith doesn't actually talk like that lol. Maybe a "Miiiister Hghar" wouldn't go amiss :)

WhiteScythe1495d ago

This sounds like a decent deal. instead of being a "free title" they add it on as more of a "PS Plus exclusive demo". Very good decision.

nunley331494d ago

We'll still likely get trophies for it though,demos don't have them unless you're called ground zereos, i kid lol. Ground zeros is awesome and will hold me over till V gets here.

Oschino19071494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

They already announced it a while ago, trophies and a platinum.

This article is a confirmation of what was announced many months beforehand.

Brettman20081495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Very good. It would also be nice if launch games like Knack and Killzone were added to the PS+ lineup before the end of the year.

shivvy241495d ago

Would love to see the multiplayer portion of kZsf on plus, would boost the numbers

nunley331494d ago

They'll give out the single player but not the multi, they did this with Starhawk.

Oschino19071494d ago

Probably will happen, atleast to an extent. Could be free to a certain point but be a discounted full MP only option like KZ3 did a yr or so after launch.

@nunley33, they had a f2p version of both KZ3 and UC3 (multi for all story for plus). Why wouldn't they do it again?

nunley331494d ago

@Oshino1907 they may do it later. I know about the the FTP U3 but slipped my mind, i never tried it since i had the game and bought the fortune hunters club. I remember a separate standalone KZ3 multiplayer but it wasn't free and had it's own platinum.

Master-H1495d ago

Anyone knows what's the download size going to be for the SP+ edition ?

Timmey1494d ago

All versions are 17GB with the PS+ edition beeing just having limitations added

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