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There’s so much here. Bungie has taken a combination of first-person gameplay, massive multiplayer online elements and a sprinkle of role-playing game features to produce Destiny. Think about that for a second, folks. All of those things put together and balanced out in a single title. That is the very definition of ambitious. They pulled off a very large game. That’s not to say that Destiny doesn’t have its flaws, but at this stage of the game, the Bungie beauty sure knows where it’s going and how it’s going to get there. So let’s jump in.

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MrChicagoWind1548d ago

Near perfect? Not so sure about that.... But IMO Destiny is a solid 8/8.5

moegooner881548d ago

Really enjoying the game, Very few can do fps as well as Bungie

moegooner881547d ago

Nope, best fps game I have played in a very ling while. Highly recommend it for everyone. And lol at your comment history, sad.

Monstar1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

elaborate...what does bungie shooters have over other shooters and why is Destiny the best FPS you've played in awhile?? Is it destiny's non existent story? Boring characters?..repetitive and dull missions?. Let me guess, it's only fun with friends? that won't last.

So far Destiny is an overhyped crap fest and didnt live up to what was promised according to credible review sites and just users in general. It's a reskinned Halo but worse. Now that's sad...

moegooner881547d ago

Credible review sites, omg that's hilarious, and I am user and I say the game is excellent. Not really gonna bother clarifying anything to you, your comment history speaks for itself.

WildArmed1547d ago

Enjoying it so far, about 4-6 hours into it. On the MOOOOONNNN