The System Requirements of the New Generation and the Future

"The system requirements is a quite great topic to discuss and talk about.
Gamers and game developers want and have to push their games and hardware to the limit and they want to squeeze out every single drop of performance out of your cards and chipsets." - GamersPost

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SuperBlur1549d ago

I wouldn't say WIN 8.1 is better because of the many compatibility issues that still plagues it but i will say this. I don't regret jumping ship from W7 as W8.1 is more intuitive when you get to know it. I dont miss the start menu , my task bar is my start menu now. I have the control panel pinned , a folder that goes straight to the "My Computer" shortcut on desktop W7 has. Here's the kicker , you can pin sub folder to these pins . so you have everything in front of you at all time , suffice to right click the desired icon Cpanel / Folder / Windows icon replacing start menu.