Batman: Arkham Knight Leaked Off-Screen Gameplay Videos Show Batmobile in Action and More

Batman: Arkham Knight is still a long way off, but a couple gameplay videos apparently filmed at a presentation have been leaked by Vimeo user Superhero Report.
The video showcase the batmobile in action and quite a lot more, but they also include some mild story spoilers, so watch them at your own risk.
They’re also recorded off the screen, and the quality is that of the usual potato-camera, but they’re still better than nothing.

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getrektedmate1585d ago

Glad that they delayed this game, which now gives them more time to polish it. And in the meantime I will be enjoying dying light, bloodborne, and the whicther 3

badboyz091585d ago

We've basically seen all this.

gatormatt801585d ago

Well we've not actually seen it per se. But you may have perhaps read about this demo. It was a behind closed doors demo at E3 2014.


joab7771585d ago

Yeah but WOW! I looks damn good. Better than nothing...I think.

HappyWithOneBubble1585d ago

By the angles you can tell whoever filmed it wasn't allowed to but they did and didn't get caught.

Software_Lover1585d ago

..........worst leaked videos ever.

sidenote: That acceleration sound, sounds just like Asphalt 8 lol. Now that is a racing game that they need to bring to consoles. I love it my my W8 tablet.

CuddlyREDRUM1585d ago

I can see the eight Dualshockers alts voted you down.

XtraTrstrL1585d ago

They really aren't playing around when they say 'off-screen' gameplay vid. This person takes their off-screen recording seriously, it truly is 'off-screen'. I wish it were an easy process to upgrade to UE4. It still looks damn good though, going by high quality footage we've seen before.

starchild1585d ago

Yeah, it looks excellent based on the previous videos and extrapolating what we can see here. It also seems like it will be a great game. I think the Batmobile is a nice inclusion.

inveni01585d ago

Epic actually encourages switching to UE4. Why they aren't, when Epic will even help make the transition easier, is probably only because their UE3 engine is SO modified that the general rules no longer apply.

NxeonPwn1585d ago

I Love the environmental attacks!

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The story is too old to be commented.