Sengoku Hime 5 Announced for PS4 and PS3; Will Bring Naughty Bits to Sony’s Home Consoles

The Sengoku Hime series has always been a rather naughty affair, and Sengoku Hime 5, originally released for PC and recently announced for PS Vita, is no exception.

The official website has just been updated, and buttons for PS4 and PS3 versions were added.

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Rodney251497d ago

It's hilarious that I thought the same exact thing before seeing this comment.

ninjahunter1497d ago

Wonder if it will be censored with the release on console.

Inception1497d ago

Obviously. All the H-scene will be removed. Sony (and Nintendo) never allowed hentai games on their console/handheld.

DeadlyFire1497d ago

Never say never. Porn is the 2nd largest market in the world. Behind Video games. Movies are 3rd.

Even so though there will likely be some censoring so they can be released to the public market. As any AO game at the moment has no digital market on consoles and most retail blacklist them.

HentaiMasterRace1497d ago

Seems like the type of game I'd rather play on the Vita. Having people walk in with it playing on my big TV would be weird.

HentaiMasterRace1497d ago

Well if it's already coming to Vita then I'll just buy that version.

gigoran1497d ago

Seeing me watch play it isn't a problem. It's them catching me jackin it while playing it that I'm concerned about! Nahhhh just joking. But seriously, people will jack to it. So it will sell LOL

HentaiMasterRace1497d ago

"Nahhhh just joking", don't hide from the truth buddy. No need to be ashamed.

Spotie1496d ago

If they walk in, it's their fault. I ain't hiding my junk in my own house. Especially not in my own room.

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The story is too old to be commented.