Ten Games That Turn Your Girl On

Are you trying to find that special girl online, but you can't find her in the lobby of Stranglehold? Well, that's because your playing the wrong games.

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Tempist3960d ago

Yeah... shouldn't these lists be written by women... Unless Adrian P is a woman.

JoelR3959d ago

Hmm an unlikely list at best
I know females who play all those games but I would put them in the extreme minority...

(and it's obvious the list creator is a x360 fan and not just a gamer....)

ice_prophecy3960d ago

How bout a top 10 list about on why MANY online gamers are a pain in the bloody rear side?

brn3960d ago

My girlfriend plays very similar games. She haven't played BioShock yet (waiting for the PS3 version obviously as we don't play xbox), but she's been wanting to for a while. UNO, I dunno... Burnout? Her sister's favourite game. Rock Band isn't released yet, but she loves Guitar Hero, SingStar and Taiko no Tatsujin so it must be a hit. Rainbow Six Vegas might be a bit too much controls for her to take in, but CoD4 is a definite hit. Guitar Hero is one of her all time favs, she is really good at it. GTA... She actually haven't even tried it yet, she's been watching me do all the hard work for her O_o;;
Gears of War obviously isn't on PS3, but UT3 is and she loves that game to "bits". Halo, well I've met other girls who loves that game. They're all like it's the best game ever. And I'm like "what else have you played" and then they're all silent... :)

Hercules3960d ago

my girl likes is GTA4 from that list, thats because she can go on a crazy rampage on the cops and gets six scares me because she can do the same on me...YIKES!

Wise Rant Monkey3960d ago

<If you're trying to find a girl online, you've got a problem.)

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The story is too old to be commented.