Mortal Kombat X Controller Revealed

A Mortal Kombat X themed controller was revealed at the GameStop Expo earlier this week. The controller is very minimalist in design missing a D-Pad and triggers. The bumper buttons are laid out next to the normal buttons to be more accessible when pulling off combos. The design itself is weird and sports an asymmetrical design with the right side curved off. The menu buttons are along the top of controller.


Added Mock Up of The PS4 MK Controller

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Randostar2405d ago

Nothing will make you play MK better than a Sega Genesis controller.

Serrafina2405d ago

Honestly, I would rather have the whole arcade machine with an attached stool. No offense to Sega Genesis controller, but that arcade machine really brings us back to the day.

XBLSkull2405d ago

Lol a controller designed for fighters that dropped the d-pad? What idiot company got this to the shelves? Should have died in the concept phase.

badboyz092405d ago

This is for xbox gamers only. PlayStation controllers are Perfect for Fighters!

Brazz2405d ago

nothing can be compared to a good "fighting stick", but yeah... DS4 is realy solid for fighting (X1 is bad, almost as bad as X360...)

Randostar2405d ago

Lol at all the people who took this seriously.

downwardspiral2405d ago

I'm surprised that they used an analog stick instead of a d-pad.

TardcoreGamer2405d ago

I believe it's not actually analog, the stick has digital mechanical switches (clicky).

Thomaticus2405d ago

It's beautiful, but I prefer the nori fighting commander pro controller.

DCfan2405d ago

No D-pad. Such geniuses.

maniacmayhem2405d ago

Seriously, why is there no d-pad? The article says still appending approval so lets hope that HUGE mistake is corrected.

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The story is too old to be commented.